Make Correct Product Claims for Yourself and Others (2020.03.13)

Make Correct Product Claims for Yourself and Others

March 13, 2020


Since weather changes rapidly during spring, the risk of epidemics disease may also increase. In order to make more consumers learn about NU SKIN’s excellent products, many brand affiliates would share NU SKIN products on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Meanwhile, it has been the company's belief to ensure our brand affiliates make appropriate product claims and testimonials in order to achieve a win-win between protection of consumers' rights and brand affiliates’ sales performance. Therefore, the company listed out how brand affiliates share the correct product information and related message through the Social Media Guidelines and Product Testimonial Guidelines. Today we would like to share a case with you for your reference.


Joey: Jane, what are you doing?


Jane: I am updating my Facebook page. As you know, epidemics such as influenza is rampant recently. In order to protect the health of everyone, I am recommending consumers on Facebook to take more products, such as LifePak and Probio PCC to protect themselves against viruses and achieve the effects of both prevention and treatment.


Joey: What? Pharmanex’s products are health supplement but not medicine. How can you claim that NU SKIN products can prevent and treat diseases? NU SKIN already has policies expressly stating that any exaggerated efficacy and claims or representations that are misleading or include medical effects are not allowed for promoting products! What you did would violate the company policies...


Jane: But I also saw similar claims from others, and I just want to take the opportunity to promote the company products...


Joey: Although you have a good intention, it should be kept in mind that only the company approved product testimonials can have positive impacts on business partners and potential customers, and keep our business operation away from unnecessary regulatory or legal risk. As such, as brand affiliates, releasing true and non-misleading product testimonials that are consistent with NU SKIN image and brand is being responsible for our business! Particularly, you must not claim a product can treat, cure or prevent any disease even though it was your own or another individual’s true experience. After all, the effects of each product are different from person to person, so we should promote and market products in accordance with the product information approved by NU SKIN.


Jane: Will I get penalized by the company because of this?


Joey: It is imperative to remove all violating information as soon as possible and remind other business partners that such information should not be reposted.


Jane: Okay! I will remove all posts that involve violations immediately.


In order to protect the business reputation of you and NU SKIN, it is necessary to provide consumers with comprehensive and accurate product testimonials. Product testimonials should only claim benefits consistent with NU SKIN’s substantiated and approved product benefits. Any inappropriate product claims or advertising information are prohibited from being shared or reposted. NU SKIN would strictly take actions against the violations with zero tolerance. NU SKIN’s brand image and Brand Affiliates’ compliant business environment need to be guarded by you and us together!


In addition, given the recent coronavirus outbreak, the company wants to warn Brand Affiliates against making any claims or representations that NU SKIN or Pharmanex products can cure, treat or prevent the disease.

You can find NU SKIN Policies and Procedures, Social Media Guidelines, Product Testimonials Guidelines and other relevant guidelines by scanning the QR code below!


The relevant sections of NU SKIN Policies and Procedures are extracted as follows:


Chapter 3 Advertising

2 Product Claims

2.1 General Limitation

You may only make the specific Product related claims and representations published in the Company’s Business Support Materials, and Company literature, and that have been approved by the Company for use in Business Support Materials in the Authorized Market where you are making the claims.

2.2 No Medical Claims


(Extract) You may not make medical claims, or state or imply that any Product is formulated, designed or approved by the Company or any regulatory authority to treat any disease or medical condition.