Look before you leap, Line Switch is not appropriate (2020.09.11)

Look before you leap, Line Switch is not appropriate

September 11, 2020


May joined Nu Skin after graduating from university and worked hard to run this business. Her belief is to share excellent products with people around in order to improve others’ quality of life. One day she met Eva, a college classmate whom she had not seen for a long time, on the street. Eva could not help praising May and was curious about the change of May ...


Eva: Hi May! I have not seen you for ages! How come you are so different from when you were in college! You become so beautiful and confident, you look like shining!


May: Don't flatter me! It may be because I have been using quality skincare products and taking nutritional supplements.


Eva: Can you share with me what is brand of the products? I'm going to marry my boyfriend in a few months and want to be a beautiful bride!


May: It's Nu Skin! I came into contact with this brand just after graduating from university. We witnessed and experienced the excellence of the products. That is why it has become a business I have been running!


Eva: Nu Skin? What a coincidence! My aunt is also a Brand Affiliate of Nu Skin! Upon her recommendation, I also joined Nu Skin. I buy toothpaste every month for our family use, but I do not know much about its skincare products and nutritional supplements!


May: You are already a brand affiliate of Nu Skin! Have you considered changing to my team and becoming my downline? I can provide you with more complete product introduction, after-sales service, and training courses!


Eva: It does not matter to me, but I might feel a little embarrassed to my aunt …


May: Let's do this! I think of a way to satisfy both. You can join my team as my downline in the name of your mother. In the future, if you want to purchase products, you can use this account to place orders! Your aunt will not know about this! However, I still need to call my upline Paul and discuss with him whether this is appropriate.

(May explained the cause and effect with Paul on the phone......)


Paul: May! You must not do this! This kind of practice is encouraging the business partners of other teams to switch line! This is a violation against company Policies and Procedures! It also violates the principle of integrity that I often emphasize to the team. Think about it, what would you feel if the same happened to you today?


May: Oops, I am so sorry. I was too greedy that I forgot the company rules and proposed such an idea. I do not even recognize that it would harm the development of other teams and create a bad competitive atmosphere. I am really wrong!

(After hanging up the phone ...)


May: Eva, the idea I just mentioned is not appropriate. you should stay in your aunt team. However, if there are any product-related problems in the future, we can still discuss and learn from each other, right?


Eva: Okay, let us learn from each other and make progress together!


Dear partners! It is our common responsibility to maintain the harmony and create a good business environment among teams. Line switch not only affects the operation of a team, disappoints the dedication and efforts of the uplines or sponsors, but also affects an individual’s development of the Nu Skin business and the fairness and stability of the market. Continuous complying with the rules and upholding the integrity to run Nu Skin business is the key to steady business development!


The relevant sections of Nu Skin Policies and Procedures are extracted as follows:

Chapter 1: Your Brand Affiliate Account

Section 3.3 Starting a Brand Affiliate Account under a New Sponsor

Chapter 2: Operating Your Business

Section 1.3 General Ethics

Chapter 4: Sponsoring

Section 2.2 Line Switching


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