Say ‘No’ to the Unauthorized Sales Channels (2020.06.12)

Say ‘No’ to the Unauthorized Sales Channels

June 12, 2020


Nowadays, the Internet has become an indispensable part for everyone, and online shopping more and more popular. Selling products through online shopping/auction platforms can indeed reach numerous customers. However, please be reminded that platforms such as Yahoo, Carousell, Facebook Marketplace etc are not the channels Nu Skin authorizes to buy and sell products.


Our business model is based on the communication and interaction between people. Through sharing Nu Skin’s innovative high-quality products in detail and professional product demonstrations, customers can use our high-quality products properly and obtain perfect after-sales service and quality assurance. They may thus become our Brand Affiliate and share Nu Skin’s products with more people. Selling products through online shopping/auction platforms can only generate sales performance in a short-term, which is not helpful in the business development in the long run and may even disturb the market order. Therefore, Brand Affiliates are prohibited from promoting or selling the Company’s products on unauthorized channels such as auction sites and are also prohibited from selling/distributing products to others for sale on the above platforms.


In order to maintain a benign competition, a fair and orderly market environment, Nu Skin’s standpoint and determination to severely crack down on violation of products selling via unauthorized sales channels will remain unchanged. Nu Skin will take strict disciplinary actions against the substantiated violations and may even terminate the account of Brand Affiliates who are involved in case the violation is severe. Let’s say “No” to the unauthorized sales channels and make joint effort to maintain a fair market environment!


The relevant sections of Nu Skin Policies and Procedures are extracted as follows:

Chapter 2: Operating Your Business

Section 5.1 Retail Sales

Section 5.2 No Wholesaling of Products


Chapter 3: Advertising

Section 7.1 Use of the Internet in Brand Affiliate Business

Section 7.6 Internet Activities