Friendly Market Environment Makes Smoother Business Development (2020.04.10)

Friendly Market Environment Makes Smoother Business Development

April 10, 2020


Shopping can make people happy, and if one could experience products that can make them to become better and have a chance to join NU SKIN business, it is believed that many customers will feel more excited. However, please be reminded, when promoting products or expanding business opportunities, you must keep a professional and courteous attitude and never make customers annoyed or uncomfortable. Today we would like to share a real case with you.


Jane is a brand affiliate who is engaged in NU SKIN business on a full-time basis. Although she has just begun her business for a short time, she has qualified as Executive Brand Partner due to her positive attitude and constant efforts. In order to achieve a higher level, Jane has developed a complete training and sales plan, making it harder for customers to say no to her, however...


Jane: Mandy, I received a 10-day letter from the company stating that I forced customer to buy products! I did not force him, I just strongly suggested that he buy and experience it first and discuss the follow-up later based on the actual condition after using. I did not expect him to go to the company to make a complaint against me!


Mandy: Is it because you were too aggressive when promoting or introducing business opportunities, making customers feel pressured or uncomfortable?


Jane: Those customers always said they need to think about it! What did they still need to think about for such good products and business opportunity? So, I usually asked them to buy and experience at least one product. I believe they will agree with me after experiencing the effects of the product!


Mandy: Well, I think this is probably the problem. Although you hope customers can improve their quality of life through good products and business opportunities, you inadvertently made customers feel being forced to purchase, then causing their feeling of dislike. Sometimes haste makes waste. Only sincerely caring every customer is the right way.


Jane: What you said makes sense. I should adjust my steps so that customers can feel my care for them.


Mandy: I am glad you can accept my suggestions, and I believe your business will definitely reach another peak.


Jane: Sure ~ Haha.


In order to maintain the good image of the products and business of NU SKIN, brand affiliates must be professional and courteous when opening the market, and never cause any situation that annoys customers or makes them uncomfortable. If customers have any problems regarding product service or product exchange, brand affiliates should also deal with it proactively and avoid any delay that may lead to customer complaints and affect the good image of NU SKIN and brand affiliates as a whole. A healthy and fair market environment needs to be protected by us together. Let’s make joint efforts!


The relevant sections of NU SKIN Policies and Procedures are extracted as follows:

Chapter 2 Operating Your Business

1.3 General Ethics (Extracted)

You must not represent to prospective Brand Affiliates that they are required to purchase Products or Product packages to become Brand Affiliates or to become Brand Representatives. Prospective Brand Affiliates must be informed that they can sign up as customers or that they may purchase Products individually and not in Product packages.


When you are engaged in business development activities or sales activities, you shall not perform any of the following: (i) an act that causes or will likely cause annoyance, strong dislike or interference to the person being contacted; (ii) an act which damages or will likely damage the brand name, image or reputation of the Company; or (iii) an act which results in or will likely result in the general public having a negative perception of the Company.