Covid-19 Business Advisories (2020.05.08)

Covid-19 Business Advisories

May 8, 2020


Dear Brand Affiliates,


As an industry trail blazer in developing innovative beauty, health, and wellness products, we are always excited to share information about our company, products, and opportunity! 


With that said, this is a reminder that Brand Affiliates cannot use COVID-19, the pandemic, or the resulting financial crisis, either directly or indirectly, when promoting the company’s products and opportunity. 


Additionally, because updates regarding COVID-19 and the global pandemic change rapidly, the company has created Business Advisories, which can be found [ ]. Please check back often, as the advisories will be frequently updated.


Current advisories are as follows:

· Brand Affiliates are prohibited from making claims or representations that our products can cure, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. This prohibition includes any statements that our products will in any way prevent or minimize the risk of COVID-19.

· Brand Affiliates should not, either directly or indirectly, reference COVID-19 when talking about our products. Such references imply the same inappropriate claims mentioned above and can include language such as “Given the outbreak,” “Under the current circumstances,” or “In times like these.”

· Brand Affiliates should not use COVID-19 or the economic impact of the pandemic in their marketing materials or promotion of the business opportunity.

· Brand Affiliates should not market or promote that our products have been designated as “essential.” Nu Skin is working hard to treat them in this manner, but any promotion of this may incorrectly imply that we have received government endorsement or approval.

· Brand Affiliates may not use the Nu Skin name or products to solicit or facilitate in-kind donations to third-party organizations (health care workers, hospitals, charities, etc.). Brand Affiliates may, however, promote donations and relief efforts undertaken by Nu Skin as announced on official company websites and social media pages.


Notwithstanding the above, Nu Skin encourages all Brand Affiliates to continue promoting both the products and the business opportunity in accordance with policy.  We also ask that you reach out to your local Nu Skin office with any questions.


We thank you in advance for your help in protecting Nu Skin’s reputation and for helping us set the standard for marketplace trust.



Nu Skin Enterprises Hong Kong, LLC