Be Careful with Traps When Purchasing on Online Auction Websites (2020.07.10)

Be Careful with Traps When Purchasing on Online Auction Websites

July 10, 2020


With the rapidly changes of times and the development of technology, more people enjoy the convenience of the Internet and opt for online shopping. However, the auction site is not a sales channel authorized by Nu Skin. It is risky for customers to purchase products through the auction website. Today let’s share a case study to see how it is full of traps.


Case study:

Anna often hears her friends sharing the high quality of Nu Skin products. She has been eager to try. Hence, she is going to visit the auction website Carousell to see if she could find some cheap and affordable Nu Skin products. Meanwhile her good friend Diana called her...


Diana: Anna, long time no see, what are you doing?


Anna: I am shopping on the auction site Carousell! Do you know there are Nu Skin products on it? The prices of these products are very cheap...


Diana: How can you buy Nu Skin products on the auction website? Have you heard that cheap products are not good? Good products are not cheap?


Anna: But if I can buy the same product at a relatively lower price, why not?


Diana: There is no free lunch in this world! Purchasing Nu Skin products through auction websites is risky! Firstly, the source of the product cannot be verified, and you could not confirm whether the seller is selling genuine or fake products. What if you meet a bad seller selling fake goods? Secondly, there is no guarantee of the product quality, what if you have bought expired products? Thirdly, products may be stored and transported in irregular ways, and it is not known whether they conform to hygiene standards. Would you still want to buy such products?


Anna: Is it that extreme?


Diana: Of course. These products purchased through unauthorized channels are of unknown origin. Nu Skin will not provide quality assurance for them. It will not provide official maintenance, after-sales service and return service either. Once there is a problem with the product, you got nowhere to complain! Moreover, do you know these sellers? In case they are bad people with bad intentions, they might use your personal information to swindle and cheat others or even blackmail you!


Anna: Wow! It sounds so serious? Then through what channels should I purchase the products?


Diana: Since it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the products purchased on the auction site, I suggest that you register as a member of Nu Skin like me, so that we can place orders at any time on the company’s official website, or you can purchase products from Brand Affiliate of Nu Skin, so that you can enjoy high quality products and professional sales experience at ease.


Anna: That sounds reasonable, thank you. I will register immediately and place order on the official website.


Diana: Wait for me. I also want to place orders…


There might be hidden traps behind purchasing products through unauthorized channels such as auction websites. Consumers should think twice before purchasing. To safeguard your own rights and interests, please remember to purchase the genuine products through official channels so that you can use the products with confidence and enjoy Nu Skin’s comprehensive after-sales service.