Appropriate product claims safeguard steady business development (2020.08.07)

Appropriate product claims safeguard steady business development

August 7, 2020


Although it’s now summer already, the outbreak of COVID-19 is still all around the world. In order to boost the sales performance, some business partners might associate Nu Skin products with the pandemic and share on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. The product claims shared by some business partners might violate relevant policies of Nu Skin and even local laws and regulations. In order to ensure that business partners share correct and appropriate product claims and testimonies so as to protect consumers’ rights and interests and achieve a win-win situation, Nu Skin has published Social Media Guidelines and Product Testimonial Guidelines etc. to educate partners how to properly share product information. Today we are going to share a case with you so that partners can have more understanding.


Tony: Hi Louis, I haven’t seen you for a long time. It seems that your Nu Skin business operates well. I believe you can catch up with me soon. What products do you recommend under the current market conditions?


Louis: I have recently strongly recommended the Pharmanex ProBio PCC on Facebook and Instagram. Some research reports indicate that probiotics can effectively prevent and treat COVID-19. I recommend our ProBio PCC to everyone based on these research reports. This can kill two birds with one stone---not only help expand business, but also help customers fight against the pandemic.


Tony: Oh! You publish posts on social media, claiming that Pharmanex ProBio PCC can prevent and cure COVID-19! Associating products with the pandemic and medical claims is in violation of Nu Skin policies and may even violate relevant provisions of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance. Therefore, we must be careful!


Louis: Wow! It sounds so serious.


Tony: Of course, it’s serious. It is not allowed to claim that supplements have any medical efficacy, or claim that it can cure, or prevent any diseases. This is also stipulated in Nu Skin Policies and Procedures. It is not allowed even if it is your personal experience. Product efficacy varies from person to person, hence we should promote and share our products according to the product information officially approved by Nu Skin. Now you must remove all the content that involves violation.


Louis: Certainly! I will immediately remove all pages that contain violation contents.


To safeguard the reputation of Nu Skin and you, you must provide appropriate product claims and information when recommending products to customers, avoid using, sharing, or forwarding any inappropriate or exaggerating product claims and advertising marketing materials. If any business partner makes or posts inappropriate products claims, Nu Skin will rigorously curb this violation behaviour. Let’s safeguard the positive image of Nu Skin together!


You can find Nu Skin Policies and Procedures, Social Media Guidelines, Product Testimonials Guidelines, and other relevant guidelines by scanning the QR code below!