Prevent Risks from Product Claims when Driving your Business with Hot Products (2020.02.14)

Prevent Risks from Product Claims when Driving your Business with Hot Products

January 10, 2020


As Chinese New Year quickly passed, has everyone returned to your respective career role from the leisure of holidays? In the season when everything starts a new page, it’s time for NU SKIN Compliance Lesson again! Since the products of ageLOC Nutriol series were launched in Hong Kong & Macau market in the second half of last year, they have continuously brought surprises to users with the extraordinary quality and benefits, and have won enthusiastic feedback from the market. There were also numerous partners promoting the products and sharing their respective product experiences on social media platforms. While being happy for our business partners to have new drive in their business, we must remind you of the compliant product claims about ageLOC Nutriol so as to support you in protecting and guarding your business operation.


Prohibited claims (examples):

·       Prevent hair loss

·       Thinning hair

·       Hair growth/regrowth

·       Abundant hair

·       Grey hair turns black


Allowed claims (examples):

·       Help improve thin, stressed, aging hair

·       Fuller-looking hair

·       Shinier hair

·       Beautiful-looking hair

·       Nourish scalp and strengthen hair down to the roots


In addition, when you use before & after photos to show the benefits of ageLOC Nutriol products, you must comply with the basic requirements concerning before & after photos specified in the Product Testimonial Guidelines, and be particularly mindful that any picture showing or implying the effect of hair growth and increase of hair volume is not allowed. Dear partners, making compliant product claim has always been one of the most important business conduct standards upheld by NU SKIN and our partners. Let us continue to work together to keep every partner’s business away from unnecessary legal risks!


The relevant sections of Product Testimonial Guidelines are extracted as follows:

·       In before and after photos, the following must be consistent: lighting, clothing, background, makeup (should be minimal, if any) clarity and resolution, your body position, pose, angle of face, and facial expression.

·       Photos must accurately depict benefits that may be achieved by a typical consumer using the product.

·       Photos must only support legally approved product claims (these claims can be found in the Product Information Page).

·       Your photos must be original and not retouched or modified.