Maintain Your Rights and Interests by yourself (2020.01.10)

Maintain Your Rights and Interests by yourself

January 10, 2020


As an ordinary office worker, May's favourite pastime after work is shopping to relieve working pressure. May loves beauty and she recently often saw the sharing of NU SKIN products on social media platforms, among which, LumiSpa had won her heart. When she was worrying about how to purchase it, she thought of her university classmate Cindy, who is a NU SKIN brand affiliate, so she immediately asked Cindy by private message….


May: Cindy, if I remember correctly, are you operating NU SKIN business?


Cindy: Yes! I started to have contact with NU SKIN after graduating from the university. Both the products and business opportunities of NU SKIN are of high quality, which has attracted me to become a business partner of NU SKIN!


May: So can I have your help to purchase products if I have interest?


Cindy: Of course, no problem! But if you are willing to join as a NU SKIN Member, then you can place your own order any time when you want to purchase any products. You do not have to purchase through me. And if you also join as a brand affiliate when you feel satisfied with the product experience, you can introduce and sell products to your relatives and friends around you just like what I do!


May: Alright! Then please help me sign up as a brand affiliate! Please see what information you need me to provide, and you can go through the rest procedures for me!


Cindy: That’s not allowed! Although the company has launched the online registration process which allows people to fill in personal information in the relevant area of the company website, signing up as a brand affiliate is a behaviour of entering into a contract with the company, which requires you to complete the application process by reading and agreeing to accept and abide by the Brand Affiliate Agreement and the relevant provisions in person. If I complete it for you directly, you will not only be unclear about the agreement, but also unclear about your own rights and obligations.


May: Oops! I almost missed the opportunity to learn about my own rights and interests! Thank you for reminding me of this. Let’s make an appointment to meet and you tell me in detail how to complete the registration!


Cindy: OK!


When setting up a NU SKIN account (whether it is a Member account or a brand affiliate account) online, once you ticked the relevant box and submitted the application, it means you have agreed with the relevant terms and conditions, as such, it requires you to complete the necessary registration process in person. You cannot ask others to complete the process for you just for the sake of convenience. Don’t forget that your own rights and interests should be maintained by yourself!


The relevant sections of NU SKIN Policies & Procedures are extracted as follows:

Policies & Procedures

Chapter 1 Your Brand Affiliate Account

3 Maintaining Your Brand Affiliate Account

Section 3.1 Keeping your Brand Affiliate Agreement, Business Entity Form and Joint Participation Form current

Chapter 2 Operating Your Business

1 Business Ethics

Section 1.3 General Ethics

  • You must comply with the Contract and with applicable law.
  • You must operate your Brand Affiliate Account honestly.