With Mutual Trust, Mutual Help & Mutual Benefits, Understand Your Responsibilities as a Sponsor (2017.07.14)

With Mutual Trust, Mutual Help & Mutual Benefits, Understand Your Responsibilities as a Sponsor

July 11, 2017


Helen joined NU SKIN as an executive distributor for a while, but her sales volumes have been no significant improvement. Until two years ago, she got to know NU SKIN’s new Success Trip and the Sales Compensation Plan through her upline, Tracy’s introduction. Thinking of the magnificent view of the ocean and the sky, privileged and entertaining events arrangements and her pursuit of travelling with the beloved family are about to achieve, she was deeply attracted. Tracy encouraged her that she can depart with the other business partners in the team as long as she becomes a Ruby executive* at the time. Therefore, she was determined to participate to the Success Trip. However, Helen had no idea about the importance of learning the qualification requirements for the Success Trip, and she started working for the sales with great excitement…


It was not easy for Helen to become a Ruby executive a month prior to the end of the qualification period, she couldn’t wait to share her results to the partners and uplines in the team. At that point, her upline told her about the qualification requirements for the Success Trip. It was a shock to Helen after she heard the news, and her dream was lost. “I have been working hard for such a long time. Not much time left before I understand the right qualification information. Participate the Success Trip seems no hope for me now.” Helen murmured. With anger and disappointment, Helen thought her upline, Tracy, didn’t deliver the complete message to her, so she decided to call the Company’s customer service hotline to understand the detail of the qualification requirements.  


Helen asked, “Hello. I would like to know more about the qualification requirements for the Success Trip. What I learned from my upline that a Ruby executive is qualified to participate to the trip. Yet, I found out a few days ago that there are other requirements for the qualification. I think my upline has failed to deliver the complete message to me so I am in shock. Is there any way to make it up?”


Customer Service staff responded, “I am sorry. All the qualification requirements and other relevant rules of the Company have been clearly announced through different communication channels. We are sorry that you had received incomplete information in result of the misunderstanding. Since all the relevant requirements of the Company have been stated clearly in advance, it would be hard for us to grant an exception for you if you have not met with the requirements. I am afraid that you are not qualified to participate to the trip this year. However, in order to protect your rights properly, we can arrange our staff or your uplines to explain the requirement details for you.


Helen was feeling unfortunate. The upline, Tracy, felt bad about failing to deliver the complete qualification requirements of the Success Trip to Helen resulting her missing the opportunity to participate the trip. She was only intended to say more encouraging words to motivate Helen so that she would have a clear goal to develop business, though it was her inconsideration that failed to mention to Helen about the details of the complete qualification requirements for the Success Trip. “I promise I will fulfill my responsibilities as a sponsor after this lesson. I will keep close contact with my partners, answer their questions properly so to prevent any incident similar to Helen’s again.”


Through the experience of Helen’s failure to participate the incentive trip, Tracy realized her responsibilities as a sponsor and will be more cautious and careful; On the other hand, Helen understood the crux of the problem and her inquires were properly answered by the communications with the Company. She forgave Tracy, and she understood that Tracy was not intended to mislead her. Helen eventually qualified for the Success Trip this year, happily departing with the other partners to Hawaii.


The relevant provisions in NU SKIN “Policies and Procedures” are summarized as below:


Chapter 4 Sponsoring
2 Responsibilities of a Sponsor 

2.1 Training of Downline Organization

(Excerpt) You must supervise, train, support, and have on-going communication with (i) any Distributor that you sponsor, and (ii) your Downline Organization in a manner consistent with the terms of the Contract.


2.5 Your Downline Organization’s Communication with the Company

You may not discourage, attempt to prevent or prevent, for any reason, any Distributor from directly contacting the Company, or the Company from directly contacting any Distributor. It is your duty to facilitate communication between any Distributor in your Downline Organization and the Company at the request of a Distributor in your Downline Organization or at the request of the Company.


*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales.  Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of Nu Skin, please contact Nu Skin office at your home market or go to www.nuskin.com.