We don’t do “Overseas Products Deal” (2017.06.09)

We don’t do “Overseas Products Deal”

June 9, 2017

Dear business partners, besides taking advantage of TR90 to help us achieve healthy lifestyle in the coming summer, have you guys also planned how to arrange your business development in the next half year?


It has been 26 years since NU SKIN entered into the Hong Kong market. Over the past few years, a number of innovative and prescient products were introduced to the market, with the excellent business platform, for our business partners to develop their NU SKIN business. However, NU SKIN’s quality products have been uploaded to the online auction sites or social media by different advertising methods for promotions, e.g. “NU SKIN US Purchasing”, “Canada NU SKIN Dealer”…etc. flooding on the Internet. This surely impedes the goodwill of NU SKIN and the consumers’ rights.



Why can’t we purchase or sell the NU SKIN overseas products via the Internet?

First of all, the overseas products have not been registered as locally required in the market according to the laws; secondly, the source and the authenticity of the overseas products being sold on the Internet or the social media platforms are really doubtful, and not being guaranteed to the consumers. It will not only affects the market order, but also the business partners’ long term development as well as the reputation of the Company.

If we are interested in the NU SKIN products, where can I purchase?

If we are interested in the NU SKIN products, we can purchase the products through the NU SKIN business partners, the official NU SKIN website and the NU SKIN Plaza or Distribution Centers in order to enjoy the quality sales and after- sales service. The products that are purchased from the non- resident market can only be used for self- consumption or product demonstration.



We deeply believe that our business will grow steadily as long as we build up the business in a compliant way. If you find any posts about selling, dealing or purchasing NU SKIN overseas products on the Internet or social media, please report to the company in no time. Let us all make a commitment and work on it: We don’t do “Overseas Products Deal” in order to safeguard the excellence of NU SKIN, our business partners’ and the consumers’ rights together.