Be a smart consumer, You can make it!(2017.10.20)

Be a smart consumer, You can make it!

October 20, 2017


With busy work and schedule, many people will choose to do online shopping at home comfortably when they have spare time. No exception for Mary, her skin is feeling dry recently. After Amy introduced NU SKIN to her, she is interested in the series of NU SKIN basic face care. Amy as a distributor of NU SKIN, she noticed that Mary is interested in the basic series, she enthusiastically recommends Mary to use NU SKIN products and encourage her to become a NU SKIN distributor. Therefore, Mary searched the relevant information immediately after she went home. She found that the basic series of NU SKIN have also been selling on other auction sites, and it is cheaper than the official price that Amy said. Thus, Mary can’t wait to place order at the auction site, and make an appointment with the seller for settlement. The seller tries to refer other supplements to Mary, she felt doubtful and requested the seller to provide more information as she would like to know whatever the product is certified or not. The seller seems not to be prepared for Mary's inquiries, and use a number of excuses to get away with her questions.


In order to know more about the NU SKIN company and its products, Mary called the NU SKIN customer service hotline for seeking help. During the conversation with NU SKIN ‘s staff, Mary was surprised and aware of the prohibition that NU SKIN doesn’t allow its distributors to post and sell products on online auction sites and physical stores. Mary thought for a long time, she decided to give up the order from the auction site. She worried about buying the products, she cannot get the qualified products, cannot apply for returns and enjoy the after sales services. Mary asked Amy for help as to buy products from NU SKIN Plaza. After discussed with Amy, she decided to send email to NU SKIN Business Conduct Compliance, as to request handling the unauthorized auction sites and she provided the contact information of the seller as well.


Online shopping is indeed convenient, there are different kinds of products selling at online shop. Being a smart consumer, what should we need to pay attention to when we are choosing NU SKIN product?

  • We should buy certificated product from the company’s authorized sales channel.
  • Pay attention to the seller whether can provide the product information, quality assurance, and other after sales service when purchasing.


Besides, consumers who purchase NU SKIN products through unauthorized sales channels, may have to bear the risk of buying fakes, defective products or the risk of inconsistent with the product description. There are many traps in online shopping, if you find that there is something wrong, or you would like to know more information from NU SKIN, please do not hesitate to inquire NU SKIN immediately. NU SKIN advises consumers to purchase products through official channels such as NU SKIN Hong Kong official website: SKIN Plaza or NU SKIN distributors. Be a smart consumer, you can make it!


Excerpts from the NU SKIN’s  “Policies and Procedures” as follows:

Chapter 3 Advertising

7.1 Use of the Internet in Distributor Business

7.2 Permitted Internet Activities

7.6 Internet Selling