Have You Found the Right Partner for Business? (2017.02.10)

Have You Found the Right Partner for Business?

February 10, 2017

Dear NU SKIN business partners, entering the year of 2017, it is to believe that every partner has already set a yearly goal for discovering the best you. In the new year, our team will develop rapidly on the pathway to success and meanwhile, we still have to comply with the policies and build the NU SKIN business with honesty and integrity by following the “Policies and Procedures” for distributors building the business in a sustainable way. In order to help our partners to review and be familiar with the relevant policies, there are several exercises for your practice. Partners, keep it up and see how many right answers you will get!


Case 1
Paul is the business partner in NU SKIN. In a coincidence, Paul met Bill who is building the NU SKIN business in another team.
Paul: Hi, Bill! Can you share the secrets of your success in NU SKIN?
Bill: Absolutely! To build business in NU SKIN, usually…
After several conversations and exchanges of ideas, Paul found that his business philosophy and business plan match with Bill’s, so Paul decided to say goodbye to his upline sponsor from the original team and planned to join Bill’s team…
Question 1: Can business partners in NU SKIN change sponsors and teams anytime while the NU SKIN has no regulation and with no concerns about it?

A. Yes. Everyone is bonded like a family in NU SKIN business. If we are family, why can’t we change teams?
B. No. Although the business partners in NU SKIN are bonded well, we still have to comply with relevant provisions in the “Policies and Procedures” for changing sponsors and teams.


Case 2

Tony has been building NU SKIN business for a while. Since Tony is very self-motivated and responsible, his customers trust him very well, and most of them are willing to start NU SKIN business with him. Tracy, who is building NU SKIN business in another team, met Tony through a mutual friend.
Tracy: Tony, I admire you so much about your proactive attitude in NU SKIN business and action taking. My team is also as energetic as yours. If we can work together, it will bring so much synergy to the team and our NU SKIN business. Are you willing to change the sponsor and come to my team?
Tony: I don’t think it’s right…
Tracy: Choosing the right team is important for your success. Let me analyze it for you…
Tracy, in order to have Tony join her team, starts soliciting Tony in a proactive way.
Question 2: Tracy solicits Tony to change his sponsor and join her team knowing that he is building the NU SKIN business in another team. Do you think this kind of behavior is right?

A. Right. In order to get your business strong, we should solicit all talented partners by all means.
B. Wrong. Line switching is a violation which is strictly prohibited by NU SKIN. We should never do it!

Case 3
Jack introduced NU SKIN products and its business opportunity to Lydia in a school reunion. Lydia was very interested in NU SKIN after the introduction by Jack, so they decided to meet each other in Nu Skin Plaza. Lydia came there an hour early to walk around in the Nu Skin Plaza.
Linda: Hey! Is it Lydia who lives nearby me? Are you also a business partner in NU SKIN?
Lydia: I am meeting a friend here and planning to join and run the NU SKIN business today.
Linda: We are neighbors and we live so close. Do you want to join my team instead? It will be easier for sharing product usage and business information in the future.
Lydia: Hmm…
Linda and Lydia are neighbors who live in the same community. Linda entices Lydia in a hard way hoping that she will join her team. It puts Lydia in a dilemma…
Question 3: Linda entices Lydia to join her team knowing that somebody is servicing Lydia. Do you think if this behaviour is appropriate?

A. Inappropriate. Business partners should never entice any customers and should never solicit line switching or grab others’ customers.
B. Appropriate. Whether to succeed in business really depends on each individual’s capability, so there’s no concern with who is the first and who is not.

1. The correct answers for the above questions are as follows 1. (B); 2. (B); 3. (A). How many right answers did you get?
2. Any behavior of line switching, stationing and grabbing customers are strictly forbidden in NU SKIN. Each business partner is the core member of the team. Their growth and development rely upon the sponsor’s continuous efforts in teaching and guiding; correspondingly, any comes and goes of partners will also affect the operation of the team. Therefore, when recruiting and meeting new partners, please ensure that your prospect is not a current business partner of NU SKIN and has never been approached by other business partners. Besides, please bear in mind that our business partners should never approach any new prospects in the Nu Skin Plaza so to prevent any misunderstanding of grabbing customers. We are all accountable for safeguarding harmony between teams and creating a better business environment for direct selling. In the new year of 2017, as long as we comply with the policies consistently and build the NU SKIN business with honesty and integrity, find the right partner for business, our business will surely be developed in a sustainable way. Everyone could DISCOVER THE BEST YOU®!


Excerpt from the “Policies and Procedures” of NU SKIN:
Chapter 1- Your Distributorship
Section 3: Maintaining Your Distributorship Account
Section 3.3: Starting a Distributorship under a New Sponsor
(Excerpt) When the Company concludes that an inappropriate Sponsor change has occurred or has been solicited, the second-in-time Distributorship may be returned to and be merged with the first-in-time Distributorship and the Company may pursue other remedies listed in Chapter 6.
Chapter 2- Operating Your Business
Section 1.3: General Ethics
(Excerpt) You must operate your Distributorship in an ethical, professional, and courteous manner.
Chapter 4- Sponsoring
Section 2: Responsibility of a Sponsor
Section 2.2: Line Switching
You may not encourage, entice, or otherwise assist another Distributor to transfer to a different Sponsor. To do so constitutes an unwarranted and unreasonable interference with the contractual relationship between the Company and its Distributors. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, offering financial or other tangible incentives for another Distributor to terminate an existing Distributorship and then re-sign under a different Sponsor. You agree that a violation of this rule inflicts irreparable harm on the Company and agree that injunctive relief is an appropriate remedy to prevent that harm. The Company may also impose penalties on any Distributorship that solicits or entices an existing Distributor to change lines of sponsorship.