Protect our rights and interests, please sign the signature by yourself (2017.12.15)

Protect our rights and interests, please sign the signature by yourself

December 15, 2017


Everyone who signs up to become a NU SKIN distributor, will have chances to read and sign the agreement, such as the Distributor Agreement and International Sponsor Agreement, Automatic Re-Ordering Program Enrollment Agreement and Letter of Intent etc. All of these agreements may need your own signature. These agreements entail a lot of your rights and obligations. Each of your signature represents how important of your decision will be made, and that will affect the path of your business deeply. Distributors, do you think that whether these agreements can fall into the hands of others, let others take your signature and make the decision for you? The following example will let you know the importance of the signature must be signed by yourself.


Allen: Julia, look at you, how successful you are for managing of your NU SKIN business. I would like to be a part of your team.

Julia: That’s great. You are always welcome. Firstly, you should sign a Distributor Agreement before join in. Let’s hang out one day and let me explain the details for you. I will bring out the agreement, so that you can read it and sign it by yourself.

Allen: Are you kidding? It will bother me as to read such complicated contents. All right, as we are old friends, let's settle on that. I give you my credit card information and you sign it for me. 

Julia: OK! Thank you for being trust on me. Leave it up to me and I will settle everything for you.

(One month later, Allen received the credit card bill. He found that there was an amount that he didn’t recognize. He called Julia to inquire the payment then.)

Allen: Hello, Julia, I would like to clarify with you about my extra bill in my credit card. Do you know about that? It seems paid to NU SKIN.

Julia: Oh! I forgot to tell you. You asked me to enroll distributorship for you last month. Thus, I signed it up and submitted the Distributor Agreement. Meanwhile, I also signed the Automatic Re-Ordering Program Enrollment Agreement for you. Most of the distributors will sign these two agreements together when they join NU SKIN. Don’t worry! You may enjoy discount after sign this agreement.

Allen: I do said that I would like to enroll as a distributor, but I didn’t say that I need the products. You should not sign up all the agreements for me without my consent. I feel like you are deceiving me. I don’t want to pay that bill. You need to take this responsibility!


Therefore, Julia not only need to pay the bill of ARO, but also split up with Allen and finally broke up their friendship. In fact, everything was wrong, starting from Allen asked Julia to sign the Distributor Agreement for him. Apart from Allen’s misunderstanding of the Distributor Agreement, he also didn’t understand on his rights and obligations at all. In addition, Julia’s such behavior violated the Policies and Procedures of NU SKIN, and it may violate the laws and regulations in the local market.Finally, which resulted in an unpleasant ending between them.


Adult owned decision making power, but also need to take different degrees of legal responsibilities. Each of your signature represented your understanding, consent and commitment. No matter make the application of credit card, join the membership, insurance purchasing, all of these are the establishment of a contractual relationship that requires your own signature. All need your personal signature and those signature must be signed by yourself. You should not sign for anyone, or authorized anyone sign it for you for the sake of convenience. It will cause loss of interest to you and the contract party. Please remember, to protect our right and interest, please sign the signature by yourself.


Excerpts from NU SKIN’s  “Policies and Procedures” as follows:

Chapter 1 Your Distributorship

3 Maintaining Your Distributorship Account

3.1 Keeping your Distributor Agreement, Business Entity Form and Joint Participation Form current

Chapter 2 Operating Your Business

1 Business Ethics

1.3 General Ethics



71 The offence of forgery

A person who makes a false instrument, with the intention that he or another shall use it to induce somebody to accept it as genuine, and by reason of so accepting it to do or not to do some act to his own or any other person's prejudice, commits the offence of forgery and is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for 14 years.