To Safeguard Your Rights & Benefits, Please Choose the Appropriate Product Sales Channel! (2017.09.15)

To Safeguard Your Rights & Benefits, Please Choose the Appropriate Product Sales Channel!

September 15, 2017


With the internet and social media becoming common in lives, a number of different kinds of online stores and auction sites appear. It makes Max to ponder the nature and the edge of the internet of how could which approach the potential customers and business partners in fast ways, so she starts browsing different websites and social media to find out how the internet works specifically. During her exploration, Max finds that some shopping and auction sites are selling the NU SKIN products, including the overseas ones that have not yet been officially launched in the local market. Since Max attends the compliance training hosted by the NU SKIN regularly, she has a good understanding of the relevant compliance regulations, and she fully understands that these inappropriate activities on the internet will not only directly impede the rights and benefits of the business partners and the customers, it will also affect the market order and the reputation of the NU SKIN in a negative way. Considering the possibility of the above influential consequences caused by the inappropriate online activities, Max decides to organize a compliance training for her business partners and the customers in order to remind them not to purchase the NU SKIN products through the internet or the social media platforms or any sales channel which has not been authorized by the NU SKIN. She also takes this opportunity to advocate a message to the customers that they should never purchase any product which is claimed to be a NU SKIN local or overseas product from the internet so to prevent any loss incurred. Max’s training is awesome, please stay tuned!


Max: Hello, everyone! I am grateful that you guys can come to the compliance training today with your busy schedule. Recently, my partners and I found that a few unethical merchants claim themselves to be the
NU SKIN official agents and dealers without being authorized by the NU SKIN to sell the products on the shopping and auction sites and other famous social media platforms. Their inappropriate activities include the followings:


  • Remove the NU SKIN products’ original packaging and repack or split them into smaller forms for sales; and
  • Sell the overseas products which have not yet been launched or imported to the local market.


The above marketing practices may have violated the laws and regulations. According to the

NU SKIN, removing any NU SKIN products’ original packaging in order to repack or split into smaller forms for sales would not be regarded as the NU SKIN original product. The substance of which could possibly be a lousy product with an unknown source, a fake product or a product that has been heavily polluted. If people take or use these products, their health may be severely affected. Besides, purchase of any overseas products which have not been legally imported to the local market may also result in the damage to the consumers’ rights. The NU SKIN cannot guarantee the safety on usage of the product where it was purchased from a seller via a sales channel that has not been authorized by the NU SKIN. In the meantime, the NU SKIN cannot provide any warranty on the quality of these particular products, other consumers’ protections or after- sales service. In addition, it is always heard that the source of the product being sold on the internet is unknown, the quality of the sellers on the auction sites varies, and no product is being shipped after the customer had paid etc., the rights and benefits of the consumers may therefore be undermined, and which results the consumers’ disputes being brought to the news and media frequently. We should pay attention and be careful.


Tracy: You are right. I have a partner who had purchased a product from the internet where it is found that the source of the product is unknown, a loss was therefore incurred to her. Not only does she cannot enjoy the after- sales service provided by the NU SKIN, she also cannot receive the protection for the quality of the product. (You may refer to the previous ethics comics- “CAN YOU BEAR THE RISK IN ASSOCIATION WITH SELLING NU SKIN PRODUCTS THROUGH UNAUTHORIZED CHANNELS OR OVERSEAS PURCHASING?”) 


Max: To maintain for a healthy competition and a fair market environment, the NU SKIN has been working hard to monitor and prevent any selling behavior through the unauthorized sales channel. Besides educating our business partners about the relevant regulations constantly, NU SKIN will take severe disciplinary actions against the violating behavior which has been verified, and no exception will be given. As far as I know, the
NU SKIN will not change its stance and determination for combating the unethical sellers who sell the products via the unauthorized sales channel.


Tracy: If our customer would like to purchase the NU SKIN products, how can they do?


Max: The customers can purchase NU SKIN’s products directly through the NU SKIN official website, NU SKIN Plaza, Distribution Centres and the independent distributors of NU SKIN in order to enjoy the quality product experience and the after- sales protection and service.


After seeing Max’s training in above, it is to believe that we understand it is how important to choose the appropriate product sales channel. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to say NO to sell or purchase the 

NU SKIN products on the internet or any other social media or the auction sites. Let us safeguard the fair market order and protect the customers’ rights and benefits all together!