When Someone Entices You to Another Team, What Will You Do? (2017.09.01)

When Someone Entices You to Another Team, What Will You Do?

September 1, 2017


Dear business partners, did you expect to achieve your dreams through the NU SKIN business platform when you joined NU SKIN at the time? Besides developing the business diligently and constantly on our own, we may need to leverage the team’s support in order to make our efforts more significant on our future success. Miss Lee, who is in the same team with Tracy, has recently been encouraged and enticed by a business partner of the other team, and it leads her to think about switching teams. If you were Miss Lee, will you switch to another team simply because of other people’s encouragement and enticement?


Line switching will not only affect the operation of the original team, waste the upline or sponsor’s efforts to ourselves, but also impact our personal business development in NU SKIN and the development of the fair and stable business environment. Let us say no to any violating behavior of line switching or grabbing lines. Safeguard the fair and proper business environment together in order to DISCOVER THE BEST YOU®!