Can we sell products through the Internet? (2017.04.13)

Can we sell products through the Internet?

April 13, 2017

Amy got to know the NU SKIN business through a friend. Filled with extraordinary passion and dreams, she is determined to work hard so to make herself and her family live a better life. However, she found her social network was not expanded for her to develop the business! In order to improve the sales performance quickly, she came up a way to increase the products’ exposures. In other words, to put NU SKIN products on the auction site and the social media platforms for sale and promotion. With no doubt, Amy’s online store attracted a number of customers in a short time, and it resulted in a great improvement of her sales performance. Thus, Amy thinks that building the NU SKIN business is not so difficult.


Will there be any problem associated to Amy’s behavior of online selling after reading the above story? Or, be what Amy said, building NU SKIN business is like a piece of cake? Let us answer your questions!


  • Selling NU SKIN products on the auction site and social media platforms for fast and convenient online selling like Amy did was not appropriate. According to the NU SKIN’s “Policies and Procedures”, distributors can only sell products through personal contact or through the official website of NU SKIN. Thus, Amy’s behavior is considered breaching the relevant provisions of the Policies and Procedures.


  • Mentioned in the story, Amy worried about the fact that her social network is not huge, so she wanted to attract more customers by selling products online. Yet, Amy has misunderstood the significance of direct selling business model. Direct selling not only requires products selling, but also the provision of product demonstration and after-sales service at the same time in order to build a solid and steady team through interpersonal communication, sharing and contact for sustainable business in long run.

    Dear distributors, although selling products on the Internet seems fast and easy, but this way of selling only boosts the sales temporarily, it will not give rise to customers’ interests and good feelings. If there is no way to seize a customer's heart, it will be hard for establishing a team for sustainable and steady business development. Moreover, though the auction sites or social media are full of attractions, distributors should follow the Company’s “Policies and Procedures” and the Social Media Guidelines in order to maintain fair market competition and its order. Only by complying with the policies and procedures, our business will grow in a steady way.


    The relevant provisions in NU SKIN’s “Policies and Procedures” are summarized as below: 

    Chapter 3 Advertising

    7.1 Use of the Internet in Distributor Business

    7.2 Permitted Internet Activities

    7.6 Internet Selling

    (Excerpt) Products may be sold on the internet only through Company websites and may not be sold through Distributor websites of any kind or any other form of internet use.

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