Share your harvest at NU SKIN in a right way? (2018.08.17)

Share your harvest at NU SKIN in a right way

August 17, 2018


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NU SKIN's vision is to become a leader in global business platform, and its business achievements in the past 30 years, namely the accumulated scientific research strength, innovative products, and numerous successful testimonies have demonstrated that the power of NU SKIN business. NU SKIN upholds the commitment as always, to bringing health, beauty and generous commissions to our distributors.

In recent years, thanks to the rapid development of network technology, unlimited network opportunities have arisen. NU SKIN’s distributors are taking advantage of online business opportunities, making full use of the online platform to share NU SKIN products, business and their own lives in personal social media accounts. But when we share positive and wonderful messages, don't forget that income-related statements must be real, not exaggerated, and do not make people feel deliberately show off their wealth. In fact, NU SKIN's sales compensation plan is not a plan to get rich quickly. Distributors need to invest a lot of time and effort and persistence in order to get a certain reward. When we run NU SKIN business succeeds and becomes a force for good, it naturally attracts more friends to join us. As the saying goes, “Butterflies will come when flowers in efflorescence. Flair will never be undiscovered if the owner of it is the one of real talents”. Let's look at the following case to learn how to properly share the income statement at NU SKIN.

Today, Max & Tracy meet up at coffee shop.
Max: Tracy, long time no see. How do you look like a listless? What happened to you?
Tracy: Sigh~ I feel a bit depressed, I have been running NU SKIN business for a while, but the performance is average, unlike the people on the Internet who say that they can have high income in a short period of time.
Max: Why do you think so?
Tracy: Recently, I saw a lot of people on Facebook saying that running NU SKIN business can easily make big money and live a prosperous life in a short time.
Max: What? This is impossible! It’s too exaggerated!
Tracy: (take out the phone) you see, this post says, "I have been able to buy a luxury house in less than three years after I have been operating NU SKIN business (presenting a photo of luxury house)", also posted a bonus cheque photo from NU SKIN! And many people liked and shared with it.


Max: Oh Gosh, this is completely incorrect. It has violated NU SKIN’s Policies and Procedures, Social Media Guidelines and Opportunity Testimonial Guidelines.

Max: We need to understand that NU SKIN’s sales compensation plan is not a plan to get rich quickly. NU SKIN’s distributors need to invest a lot of time, efforts and persistence to get a certain reward. When we share the content of the statement related to income, we must pay attention to the accuracy of such information and should ensure that there is no misleading. Moreover, not to make unrealistic or extravagant lifestyle claims. It also cannot make any unreasonably hypothetical income claims to appeal people, which usually refers to making claims about its income higher than the average among distributors who devoted same amount of time. Besides, do not express or imply any success or income guarantee.

Tracy: Wow, there are so many matters to pay attention to, how to express and share the correct income claims then?
Max: Actually you can share your reasons for engaging in NU SKIN business and your successful experience by investing a lot of time and efforts and persisting in it, just like chatting with friends. Shar your real life at NU SKIN, interact with everyone, influence others with your appeal, and attract other people’s curiosity and interest in NU SKIN business. All of these are the right ways to do sharing. If you want to know more about the relevant regulations, you can refer to the Opportunity Testimonial Guidelines provided by NU SKIN's official website.
Tracy: Got it, I really learnt a lot today, thank you very much Max.
Max: You’re welcome. You can come to find me if you have any questions.

By scanning the QR code as following, you can find NU SKIN’s Policies and Procedures, Social Media Guidelines and Opportunity Testimonial Guidelines to learn more about income claims.