How to use various Internet platforms in a compliant way (2018.09.14)

How to use various Internet platforms in a compliant way

September 14, 2018


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In the early Autumn, in addition to an Autumn trip, using the Internet Personal eCommerce Portals to promote Nu Skin is also a wonderful choice. Taking advantage of the network without national boundaries, no matter where our customers travel, we can always keep in touch. Therefore, it is very important to promote Nu Skin by playing a variety of ideas on online platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

After Nu Skin Social Media Guidelines and Social Selling Guidelines being published, we have seen lots of Brand Affiliates (Distributors) promote Nu Skin through social media platforms actively, which really increased exposure rate and brand awareness of Nu Skin and Nu Skin Brand Affiliates (Distributors) and increased a lot of network topics. However, can all Internet platforms be used to promote Nu Skin ? Now let’s read the following story to help you better understand how to use Internet platforms.


Mary: Good Afternoon Jack. What are you doing?

Jack: I am posting my experience of using Epoch Glacial Marine Mud on Facebook! Don’t you think applying glacial mud on face is so comfortable?

Mary: I think so. I saw your personal page made on Facebook. It looks very fashionable, you have operated it very carefully. But you know what? Although the social media develops rapidly nowadays, there are still some people who have no Facebook or Instagram account, so I have set up my personal Nu Skin business marketing site through general Internet. You see! You could find my site by searching on Yahoo or Google, is it very convenient! Besides, for consumers’ convenience, I also attached hyperlinks of my store on Carousell platform, so customers can place orders directly once they are interested in the products. Am I so smart? Ha-ha!

Jack: You said you set up a personal Nu Skin business marketing website, and provide the Carousell hyperlinks for consumers to order products? Oh my god!!! These kinds of behavior have already violated the relevant policies of Nu Skin .

Mary: What policies did I violate?

Jack: According to the current Nu Skin policies, Brand Affiliates (Distributors) can sell the Nu Skin products through ‘Personal eCommerce Portals. The so-called ‘Personal eCommerce Portals’ refer to the ecommerce sites that can be independently owned and operated by Brand Affiliates (Distributors) through a social media website and used solely for selling product to the customers who are served by the Brand Affiliates (Distributors) personally. Meanwhile, Brand Affiliates (Distributors) are not allowed to sell products through any online marketplace! As for Nu Skin business opportunity marketing site, according to Nu Skin Policies and Procedures, only the brand affiliates (distributors) at Executive Brand Directors (Blue Diamond) level/ are entitled to own Internet marketing sites after they apply and get prior permission from Nu Skin . 

Mary: Oh, I see. Thank you, Jack.

Jack: I would like to remind you again that selling Nu Skin products through any auction sites is also not allowed. Thus, it is not appropriate for you to post Carousell linkages on your website to sell products.

Mary: I’m so fortunate to meet you today and to understand Nu Skin network policies more clearly. I must revise the offending content quickly and be a good example of my group teammates.

Jack: Add Oil! I am looking forward to seeing your success on social media.


The relevant articles of Nu Skin Policies and Procedures are as extracted as follows:

Chapter 3: Advertising

7.1 Use of the Internet in Distributor Business 

7.2 Permitted Internet Activities

7.3 Blue Diamond Internet Marketing Content

7.4 Additional Restrictions on Internet Use

7.5 Internet Video and Audio


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