Being a decent Internet Citizen (2018.04.13)

Being a decent Internet Citizen

April 13, 2018


In order to promote LumiSpa to our business partners in a better way, Tracy shared a video of LumiSpa experience to the customers, however, never imagined that……

如新201801漫画 -英文版0001
如新201801漫画 -英文版0002
如新201801漫画 -英文版0003
如新201801漫画 -英文版0004

Social media provides a quick and efficient platform for sharing. However, we need to pay attention on our language whether it is suitable or not. Otherwise, it may make it worst, and being blocked or bear the risk of violation. Therefore, let’s work together and being a polite Internet user in order to maintain a healthy environment on internet.