Tips for participating in Company Conference activity (2018.06.13)

Tips for participating in Company Conference activity

June 13, 2018


NU SKIN Greater China Regional Convention to be held in Hong Kong in June, this is a grand event for all NU SKIN people of the Greater China. The Company hopes that every business partners can show your demeanor on the stage, to manifest the charm of NU SKIN people. Thus, beautiful costumes, personalized dress up and a logo that matches the theme of the company and conference will light up to the convention. Meanwhile, the Company would like business partners to avoid the following behaviors:


  • Wear clothing with a team logo or personal QR code.
  • Bring or use team flags or event props.
  • Mention the team name and slogan while sharing.


If there is any violation, NU SKIN will take measures including but not limited to: Limit your right to participate in company activities and recognition, etc.


Let us uphold the philosophy of Force for Good together and show our best image.