Mary’s unpleasant online shopping experience at that time (2018.05.11)

Mary’s unpleasant online shopping experience at that time

May 11, 2018


Mary is a girl who highly dependent on online shopping. She likes to buy stuff on the auction sites when she have time off. One day, she attended a gathering with her secondary schoolmate. She learnt that her schoolmate Sandy is a distributor in NU SKIN and she is now operating NU SKIN business in full time. After chatting with Sandy, she found that she was just lack of supplement. she ordered some of it accordingly as well as to support her old schoolmate at the same time.


Mary habitually checking her WhatsApp messages after home. She came across a message that related to the NU SKIN product promotion, she then clicked on the linkage and found that it was an auction site page which selling NU SKIN product in promotional prices. The price as Sandy sold her was more expensive than the auction site. She thought that she may be cheated by Sandy. She was planning to buy from the auction site for comparison and settle with Sandy afterward. Simultaneously, Mary bid straight ahead a NU SKIN product. It was the beginning of a nightmare that Mary had no idea on it. Let’s keep read on Mary’s experience on her unpleasant online shopping process……


Sandy : Hi Mary, how is your feeling after using the product I helped you to buy?

Mary : Sigh ! It’s a long story.

Sandy : What’s going on? Why do you say that?

Mary : After the day I placed an order from you, I saw a more cheaper price which posted on the auction site named as XX. I thought that you cheated on me and would like to settle with you then. However, after receipt of the product, I found that the product seems being opened, the outer packing was also damaged. I had tried to contact the seller for following, but the seller ignored my inquiries. I had also tried to communicate with the customer service of that auction site for seeking help, but I still have not receive their response at that time. Now I think I was blame on you wrongly.

Sandy : It’s ok, never mind. We should purchase the NU SKIN product from a NU SKIN distributor, or apply as a distributor by yourself. It is more safety and it can protect your rights. If you have any questions about the product, you can seek for help through the company. As far as I know, in order to protect the rights and interests of its distributors and customers, the company is constantly conducting compliance education through difference ways, such as the “Compliance Section” in official website and Facebook etc.

Mary : That’s right. You may lose your health and just for a little bit money. It’s wasting your time.

Sandy : You are correct. It’s not a big deal of losing money. The contents of products which were opened, are most likely to deteriorate as a result of dampness. If you take the deterioration supplement, it may affected our health. Moreover, the auction site is not an authorized sales channel by NU SKIN, NU SKIN cannot ensure the product safety and quality, and provide the after-sales service on the product you purchase from the seller of the auction site. You must be very careful.

Mary : I’ve learnt a lesson this time. I will not make the same mistake again.


In order to maintain healthy competition, a fair and orderly market environment, NU SKIN has always been dedicated to monitor and prevent all sales behavior through unauthorized sales channels. In addition to conduct regular ethical education for distributors, NU SKIN will take severe disciplinary action to any violation, and there is no exception. At the same time, NU SKIN also reiterated that we will insist on cracking down on any unauthorized sales channels, NU SKIN will stand firm of our determination.


NU SKIN hereby appeals all of our product lovers, when purchasing NU SKIN products, please be sure that to purchase from a NU SKIN distributor to ensure the quality of the products and making sure that you can enjoy an excellent after-sales service from NU SKIN. NU SKIN promises that we will continuously work with you for ensuring the health and well-being of all people!


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