Another Discussion on Social Media Manners (2018.03.16)

Another Discussion on Social Media Manners

March 16, 2018



We talked about the key things of social media manners which should be aware of in our last discussion as well as to welcome the Lunar New Year holidays. Internet has indeed brought great changes and impacts to our daily life, and we can see how it is of importance. We will have another discussion on social media manners in this issue to establish a proper image of NU SKIN people in the internet, to become a decent internet citizen, and to safeguard and facilitate a healthy development of internet environment and the NU SKIN business, by continuous reminder.


Downplay the Negative Comments

In the world of the internet, you may pay attention to the posts published by others, vice versa, your posts may also draw attentions of the others. Everyone has their right to express their opinions. With no boundaries of internet, comments to the audience are wide and limitless. When people express their negative feelings on your posts or comments, let it be! You don’t have to explain it in rush and deal with the people who gave you negative comments because there’s always a footprint in the sand to show where you have been in the internet world. Therefore, we should downplay the negative comments than pouring oils to the flame.


Meet Friends Sincerely

Someone have wide connection and good relationship with friends, the main reason is they know how to use their social network and make friend with honesty. In fact, if you make friends with honesty, they will easier to accept the products of NU SKIN when you introducing to them, and they will introduce other friends to you as well. In this way, it is more effective and long-lasting, instead of adding friends into your group by the method of searching mobile phone number on the internet.


Confirming the information from Internet carefully

In the world of the internet, there are lots of information which is easy come and easy go, with full of false information. If you have any question about the information from the internet, please do not follow the pace of others blindly. We should check the authenticity and accuracy of the information. For example, some of the artist and celebrities were the rumors of representing NU SKIN, please pay attention to the authenticity and accuracy of the message, and you can confirm the message with NU SKIN. Do not forward the information without the official confirmation of NU SKIN. Otherwise, it may cause trouble.


Protection of personal privacy is important

Do you think it is easier to get help from the story and product using experience of others, when introducing the business and products of NU SKIN? At this time, please do not forget to respect and protect the privacy of others. The most important is get the consent from others before you share their story and product using experience. It can be your advantage to promote the business and products of NU SKIN.


The etiquette of social media manners is actually based on our common sense, experience and judgment as to decide what we should do and what we should not do. Treat others as you would like to be treated. To make appropriate use of social media as to run NU SKIN business, we could be a courteous and outstanding NU SKIN people.