Discussion of the propriety of Social Media (2018.02.09)

Discussion of the propriety
of Social Media

February 9, 2018


Lunar New Year has come around again. We can enjoy being together and gathering with our family. By the popularization of technology network nowadays, we can sharing and caring our life through different kinds of social media platform such as Facebook, Line, WeChat and IG.


Social Media has changed our typical way in communication, thought and action. It further makes us understand what is happening in this world faster. It gives us a chance to make friends and interchange our views with other people. Besides, we can be the protagonist and communicator of the news. We can upload our posts and share our views and life style through internet at different places and different times. It’s amazing!


Do you still remember that how many internet celebrities have gone viral in 2017 and how many popular terms has been changed our dialogue? The Internet is more than just a virtual world. We should not go against with the internet propriety as to get risk of being complaint and being blacklisted by the other internet users. 


Should be polite:

It may possible misleading people that we can do anything upon social network. Our username seems represented our private domain, which is unrestricted by our social standard. In fact, when we are using social media platform, we still should treated people with a degree of courtesy and respect as how we treated to people in the society. If you are not going to discuss some topic and complaint anyone in your life, please do not do so upon social media platform, and do not make know to public. What you have talked about in social media platform, it may spread around the internet without your control. If we put ourselves in each other's shoes and look at things with such an attitude, please do not forward information that may disturb anyone in the social media platform.



Different people may have different interpretations of the same message: Please think it over before you send the message out and how did the reader to interpret your message. Sharing could be a very subjective matter of opinion, and it may carried out with our personal opinions, such as political orientation, and some of the disputed topic. All this comments may bring controversy or criticism in the internet. Therefore, we should think more about it before we post such kinds of comments. We should evaluate the consequence. Moreover, please reminded that it should not be involved of abuse, belittle, insult, attack, provoked wording and negative opinions.


Posting the message in the right way:

It is easy to publish the same promotion post on Facebook and IG at the same time. However, it may highly possible to bore people with lack of creative. In addition, it is not appropriate that leaving comments on the page as to sell product, services and commercial business. It may dislike by our consumer and other people.


What we have mentioned before, which are some of the situation that we have observed on the internet. We found that many business partners did a perfect job of integrating their business and life with social media. They perfectly explained their views and promoted NU SKIN, such as posting the photos of delicious food, sharing the popular post, sharing their participation of NU SKIN function and sharing company products, sharing some post of “Chicken soup of the heart and soul”. Apart from encouraging to others, it may agglomerate the goal of your team. It will not feeling a bit out of place and it is extremely worthy for us to learn from.