Look out! Keep away from online auction (2018.12.14)

Look out! Keep away from online auction

December 14, 2018


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Maybe you want to sprint to achieve higher level earlier or want to catch up with the trend of e-commerce – driving sales and expanding customer sources through online shopping platforms... Various factors or incentives may cause our brand affiliates (distributors) to mistakenly access the restriction area of online auction. However, please do not forget our original intention and idea of building NU SKIN business – improving the quality of life and helping more people succeed – the offering of NU SKIN products requires full communication and interaction between people, so that consumers could purchase right products, use them correctly and get complete product demonstration and after-sales services; the consumers may turn into our business builders after they gradually become loyal users of NU SKIN products, while online auction, which looks fast and easy, is not a correct sales channel and may result in the following problems:


  • It is difficult to consider customer satisfaction with the product: due to the lack of communication opportunities, if customers used products improperly or became unsatisfied with products, they might get little support, which may cause their resentment against NU SKIN business and damage the images and reputation of individual brand affiliate (distributor) and NU SKIN.
  • It can only promote sales performance for a short period of time: online transaction is fast, but cannot facilitate the establishment and maintenance of stable personal contact and relationships with the customer base, which will make it impossible to form a stable organization and sustainable business development.
  • It may disrupt the fair and sound market environment: brand affiliates (distributors) should understand that it is the responsibility of each of you, to live up to the principle of fairness in business operations by selling NU SKIN products and sharing NU SKIN business opportunities via the company's authorized sales channels.
  • Sales behaviors constituting violations: selling or supplying products through auction sites or other sales channels that are not authorized by NU SKIN will constitute a violation and result in strict disciplinary actions taken by NU SKIN.


Although the world of the Internet is attractive, we must pay attention to the compliance with the company's Policies and Procedures and other relevant regulations, such as Social Selling Guidelines, in order to maintain fair competition and order in the market. Never forget our original intention! Business can only be developed steadily if we keep providing the best products and concepts to more customers and operate in a legal and compliant way.


Meanwhile, NU SKIN also reiterated that in order to maintain a benign competition, a fair and orderly market environment, the company’s standpoint and determination of combating the sales through unauthorized channels will never change. We sincerely appeal to all NU SKIN product enthusiasts to purchase NU SKIN products from brand affiliates (distributors) who have been authorized by NU SKIN, in order to ensure quality of products and make you enjoy the excellent after-sales service of NU SKIN. NU SKIN company hereby promises that we will continue to work with you to contribute to people’s health and well-being!



The relevant articles of NU SKIN Policies and Procedures are extracted as follows:


Chapter 2 Operating Your Business

5.2 No Wholesaling of Products


Chapter 3 Advertising

7.1 Use of the Internet in Distributor Business

7.6 Internet Selling


(Extract) Products may be sold on the internet only through Company websites and may not be sold through Distributor websites of any kind or any other form of internet use.


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