Know more about the Specification of Social Selling (2018.06.15)

Know more about the Specification of Social Selling

June 15, 2018


Today, Jack, Max and Tracy have gathering at coffee shop. They are discussing how to through social selling to increase the number of fans of the Facebook Fans Page and raising the profile of Nu Skin business.


Tracy: I think just to upload our life photos should be not enough. For a long time, fans may feel a little boring, probably won’t buy products from us just because of our daily life photos. What do you think?


Jack: Why don't we spend some money to place advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, let our personal social media account to prioritize the former, and then raise the profile of the Fans Page.


Tracy: I remember that Nu Skin’s Social Selling Guideline stipulated that we can only promote to people who are concerned about the page, those who liked it, or who are actively interacting on our personal web pages. We cannot in any form use of search engine to optimize the ranking of our web pages. It is also cannot through online advertising to promote Nu Skin products and our personal social media account. So the suggestion…… We need to think it over carefully.


Jack thought for a moment: How about attracting fans with a lottery? Is it okay? Ask fans to leave a message under our latest uploaded video, then we randomly draw lots a few number of lucky guys, those lucky guys can obtain a prize gift. Through this activity, fans can enjoy interacting with us on the fan page.


Tracy: Your suggestion sounds good, but does the Nu Skin Social Selling Guidelines allow us to do so?


Max: Tracy, this question is really good! A draw is in nature of by chance, it involves a speculative nature and may be limited by the national tax laws of different markets or related legal regulations. In the Hong Kong market, it is necessary to apply for a license from the Hong Kong government in advance. At the same time, many social media platforms may also have relevant regulatory restrictions, so we must not take this risk. As far as I know, activities such as speculative contests, lottery are strictly prohibited by Nu Skin.


Jack: In fact, as long as we modify the portion of activity content, for example, we can modify the method of "the comment which can obtain the most amount of "like", the partners then can get our product for free" , instead of randomly draw lots of lucky guys. That is fine. What’s your opinions?


Tracy: I think it’s really a good idea! So, in fact as long as we read and comply with the Nu Skin social selling guideline, we can also ensure that in the case of compliance, attract more new friends through social selling marketing campaigns and share Nu Skin more easily.


Nu Skin Social Selling Guidelines have been published on the Regulatory Corner of Nu Skin official website. Business Partners can browse related information on the Internet, let us lead the trends of social selling with Nu Skin together.


Excerpts from Nu Skin’s “Social Selling Guidelines” QR Code as follows:



HONG KONG “Gambling Regulations”, Chapter 148, Section 2 & 22

A trade promotion competition is a competition or scheme conducted for the purpose of promoting a trade/business/product sale by way of a game that distributes or allots prizes by lot/chance. Typical examples are lucky draws organized by department stores and restaurants to boost sales and promote business. Anyone who wishes to conduct a trade promotion competition in Hong Kong must apply for a TPCL from the public officer appointed by the Secretary for Home Affairs.