Be careful if you purchase NU SKIN product at auction site, you may totally lose it (2018.01.12)

Be careful if you purchase NU SKIN product at auction site, you may totally lose it

January 12, 2018


Tina is a loyalty customer of NU SKIN. One day, she found that there was a seller, who selling NU SKIN product on the auction site. Under the curiosity, Tina purchased a box of LifePak® for her family as a gift. Unexpectedly, it was the beginning of a series of “nightmare”. Let’s take a look of Tina’s story!


Tina: The quality of such products and services are really bad, I will make a complaint against it!

Bill:  You get angry early in the morning. What happened?

Tina: I found a selling post which LifePak® reduced 50% off on the auction site, I bought one box finally since the price really low and attractive. Unexpectedly, after receipt of the product, I found that the product seems being opened, the outer packing is also damaged and the seller did not attach the invoice. Such kinds of products really concern me? I’ve tried to contact the seller for following, but the seller ignored my inquiries. I’ve also tried to communicate with the customer service hotline of the auction sites for seeking help, but they did not follow up my case finally. I really did not expect purchasing NU SKIN product on the auction site will lead to so many problems!

Bill: I’ve told you before. Do not buy NU SKIN products of unknown origin on auction sites for discounted prices. You have a big loss!

Tina: I should take your advice at the earliest. I really regret it.
Bill: It’s not a big deal for losing money. We should focus on the products which were opened, the contents of which are most likely to deteriorate as a result of dampness. If you take the deterioration supplement may affected our health. 

Moreover, the auction site is not an authorized sales channel which authorized by NU SKIN. NU SKIN may not guarantee the safety of the product for consumers who purchase products through online auction sites. Certainly, we cannot provide assurance on the quality of the product, and also including  the consumer’s right and interests and the product after-sales service. Therefore, please be careful on it.
Tina:Oh my god! I have been a fool. I kept focused on the discount, but not pay attention to my right and interests.  Fortunately, I haven’t given the product to my family yet. I have a big loss. 
Bill:We should purchase the NU SKIN product from the authorized sales channel by NU SKIN or NU SKIN distributors, in order to ensure the product safety and quality. If you have any product inquiries, so that you can enjoy a good after-sales service from NU SKIN.
Tina: In order to make sure the product safety and quality, I will pay more attention on it, thanks for your reminder.


In order to maintain healthy competition, a fair and orderly market environment, NU SKIN has always been dedicated to monitor and prevent all sales behavior through unauthorized sales channels. In addition to conduct regular ethical education for distributors, NU SKIN will take severe disciplinary action to any violation, and there is no exceptions. At the same time, NU SKIN also reiterated that we will insist on cracking down on any unauthorized sales channels, NU SKIN will stand firm of our determination.

NU SKIN hereby reminds all of our product lovers, when purchasing NU SKIN products, please be sure that to purchase from a distributor who authorized by NU SKIN or NU SKIN official website to ensure the quality of the products so. You can enjoy an excellent after-sales service and product quality assurance from NU SKIN. The fair market are guarded by you and me. Friends, Let’s work hard together and discover the best of you.


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