Do Good Things in the Right Way (2018.11.09)

Do Good Things in the Right Way

November 9, 2018


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As the old saying goes, "It is more blessed to give than to receive". Being generous and sharing with others can make people happy more easily than pursuing personal desires and demanding from others. NU SKIN regards ‘being the force for good’ as the leadership brand core --- to be a role model of our  mission, vision and values, and to help starving children with our Nourish The Children® (NTC) initiative and to encourage our NU SKIN brand affiliates (distributors) to respond to NTC initiative when focusing on the overall business of NU SKIN. However, when promoting the NTC initiative, the brand affiliates (distributors) should understand that NTC initiative is part of the overall business of NU SKIN, which should never be presented as a stand-alone business opportunity; and should make it clear that NTC is not a charity and its affiliation with Feed The Children and other authorized charities, and should explain that no cash or other donations should be solicited and accepted. Let’s read the story below to have a further understanding on NTC initiative.

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One day on a street in Central

Jack: Hi Alice! What are you doing here?

Alice: I’m promoting the Nourish the Children initiative! Look, many people have given response. The two guys who just left donated HK$100 and HK$500 respectively.

Jack: Alice, I have to remind you that NTC is a for-profit venture and it is not a division or entity, but simply an initiative that facilitates the donation of purchased products to charities for the benefit of children in need. Specifically, brand affiliates (distributors) are encouraged to purchase VitaMeal®, the product developed for helping the starving children, and donate it to charities, such as Feed the Children. Therefore, raising funds under the name of donation is not allowed!

Alice: Sounds so complex. Is there any difference?

Jack: In order to conduct charitable fund-raising activities in public places, an organization is required to apply for a Public Subscription Permit from the Director of Social Welfare, otherwise an offense of nuisances may be constituted, which may lead to a penalty up to imprisonment for 3 months. Since NTC initiative is of for-profit nature but not a charitable organization, and as an individual, you are not an organization eligible to apply for conduct such activities, you may not carry out fund-raising activities like this. Any of your violations of laws may damage the overall images and reputation of NU SKIN and business partners.

Alice: So severe?!

Jack: It may have consequences more severe. Assuming the people who donated money to you later found the funds-raising activity is not a legal charitable activity, will they charge you with fraud?

Alice: Oh thanks to your valuable information today! I just wanted to do a good thing and promote it to more people, but learnt an important lesson today. I should do good things in the right way, so as to have it done successfully.

Jack: Yes. As long as we read the Guidelines For Brand Affiliates (Distributors) Promoting The Nourish The Children® Initiative carefully and comply with such guidelines, we can not only help the starving children, but also help ourselves to promote business and achieve success in NU SKIN business!

Alice: Thank you Jack for your encouragement. I will try my best!


For the Guidelines For Brand Affiliates (Distributors) Promoting The Nourish The Children® Initiative, please scan the QR Code below.

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Please refer to the relevant regulations extracted from Cap. 228 Summary Offences Ordinance as below:

Nuisances and miscellaneous offences

4.Nuisances committed in public places, etc.

Any person who without lawful authority or excuse—

(17) organizes, provides equipment for, or participates in any collection of money or sale or exchange for donations of badges, tokens or similar articles in a public place except under and in accordance with a permit issued—

(i) for a collection, sale or exchange for charitable purposes, by the Director of Social Welfare; or

(ii) for a collection, sale or exchange for any other purpose, by the Secretary for Home Affairs;

shall be liable to a fine of $500 or to imprisonment for 3 months.