Making Proper Product Claims is an Essential Lesson to Learn (2017.06.30)

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Making Proper Product Claims is an Essential Lesson to Learn

June 30, 2017


Dear business partners, for the products that are suitable ourselves and have significant product efficacy, we always have endless talks with joy and hope to share with the people around us. However, if we make incorrect or inappropriate product claims when we share the products, people will easily have unrealistic expectation to the product efficacy, and it could cause a huge loss to us. Why? Let’s take a look at Tracy’s personal experience and you will know about this. 


Making proper product claims is an essential lesson to learn. Not only will incorrect or inappropriate promotions affect customers’ expectation of the products experience, but exaggerated claims will also make consumers have doubts to the product efficacy, which will easily harm the reputation of the Company and the word of mouth. Therefore, partners, let’s safeguard the reputation of NU SKIN products together and the market influence with real and compliant promotions!

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