Operate Your Business with Integrity and Say NO to Line Switch Enticement (2019.08.09)

Operate Your Business with Integrity and Say NO to Line Switch Enticement

August 9, 2019


After NU SKIN's launch of Velocity, the entire market was inspired immediately and our business partners are looking for new customers actively to open the market. In order to open the market effectively, it is necessary to leverage the assistance of the team in addition to making persistent individual efforts.


However, we would like to remind everyone that while developing new customers, you must not approach the customers who are being in contact with other business partners, or the brand affiliates who are operating NU SKIN business in other teams. Today we will share a real case with you.


Watson has operated NU SKIN business for a while. Because Watson is active and responsible, he is well trusted by many customers and most of them were willing to start NU SKIN business with him. Mary, who is operating NU SKIN business in another team, also met Watson through friends...


Mary: Watson, I really admire your positive attitude to operate NU SKIN business and effective actions, and my team is also full of vitality. If we work together, we will be able to make our NU SKIN business better and bigger for sure. Would you like to change sponsor and switch to my team?


Watson: That seems not very good...


Mary: If you want to be successful, you must choose the strongest team. It is very difficult to make any breakthrough if you continue staying in a weak team…


Mary began to verbally attack Watson’s current upline partners to encourage Watson to switch to her team, which happened to be heard by Watson’s team partner Nancy.


Nancy: We are all business partners of NU SKIN business. How can we grab members from different teams?


Mary: A strong team looks for partners of strong capabilities, any problem?


Nancy: New business partners should be developed from your client base. Such a behaviour of enticement is to encourage a business partner of another team to switch lines, which is against the company’s Policies and Procedures. This is a very serious violation! If the company finds and substantiates the existence of the violation, in addition to the disciplinary actions imposed on you, the team interests may also suffer serious impact.


Mary: Wow! I never expected the enticement of switching business partners between different teams to be such a serious violation. It is my fault this time and I apologize.


Watson: Thanks to Nancy's reminder, I almost went astray.


Nancy: It’s never too late to rectify after you found the mistakes. Let’s make efforts together.


Line switching/grabbing customers is absolutely prohibited by NU SKIN! Every business partner is an important member of a team. Their healthy growth requires the diligent coaching and management by their sponsor. Accordingly, the joining or leaving of business partners will also affect the operation of the team.


Therefore, when recruiting and contacting with new partners, please make sure your target is not an existing brand affiliate or customer being contacted by other business partners. Operate NU SKIN business in good faith and find the right object when opening market, through which you can develop the business steadily and discover the best you!


The relevant articles of NU SKIN Policies and Procedures are extracted as follows:


Chapter 1 Your Brand Affiliate Account

Section 3.3 Starting a Brand Affiliate Account under a New Sponsor


Chapter 2 Operating Your Business

Section 1.3 General Ethics


Chapter 4 Sponsoring

Section 2.2 Line Switching


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