Appropriate Products Claims Give Customers Reassurance and Happiness (2019.09.13)

Appropriate Products Claims Give Customers Reassurance and Happiness

September 13, 2019


As a customer, in addition to the attractive packaging and reasonable price, the most important thing to consider is whether the efficacy of the product meets our requirements. Therefore, how to make accurate, appropriate and eye-catching product sharing has become the most important topic for every business partner!


Whenever we use products that suit us and are satisfied with the result, we can’t wait to share them with people around us. However, when we share products, if we promise or guarantee the product effects to the customers only because we have experienced it in person, or use inaccurate or inappropriate product claims so that we forget the efficacy of any product varies from person to person, then the reputation of business partners and Nu Skin may be affected once the customer’s expectation is too high to be satisfied by the eventual result. 


In order to allow customers to receive the most authentic information and make excellent Nu Skin products well known in a legal and compliant manner, we should introduce and describe products according to the materials and advertising content approved by the company, and display the information officially recognized by Nu Skin on online social media platforms. If medical effects or exaggerated claims are used as selling points of the products, it may not only violate Nu Skin Policies and Procedures, but also the relevant laws such as the Trade Descriptions Ordinance. Moreover, since the relevant laws and regulations are different in different markets, even if we find the product sharing information released by overseas business partners is quite interesting, we should not use it rashly, so as to avoid misleading customers.


Although sensational text is always particularly attractive, accurate and appropriate product claims will not affect the product experience of customers. Only when customers are satisfied with the result after using the products, they can effectively convey the business opportunities and attract more potential customers who are willing to learn about our Nu Skin business, and this will also enable our Nu Skin business to develop more steadily. Therefore, dear business partners, let us stick to the real and compliant promotion and make the customers feel assured while maintaining the good reputation of Nu Skin products together!


The relevant sections of Nu Skin Policies and Procedures are extracted as follows:

Chapter 3 Advertising

2 Product Claims

2.1 General Limitation

You may only make the specific Product related claims and representations published in the Company’s Business Support Materials, and Company literature, and that have been approved by the Company for use in Business Support Materials in the Authorized Market where you are making the claims.

2.2 No Medical Claims

(Extract) “You may not make medical claims, or state or imply that any Product is formulated, designed or approved by the Company or any regulatory authority to treat any disease or medical condition.”