Avoid Harming Others Without Benefiting Yourself (2019.04.12)

Avoid Harming Others Without Benefiting Yourself

April 12, 2019


Miranda is a young girl who just started working. With her aunt’s introduction, she chose Nu Skin business as her career starting point, but her operating results were not as good as expected.


One day, Miranda attended her high school reunion and chatted with Amy who she had not seen for a long time. She found Amy is also operating Nu Skin business. Amy has become more beautiful and confident and was going to qualify as Executive Brand Director soon. Miranda was impressed by Amy who looks so successful, thus she asked Amy to share with her some skills of business operation. Amy indicated that if Miranda wanted to know details, she must join their team. Hence they met Amy’s upline Ryan to discuss if they could arrange Miranda to change her team. Unexpectedly, Ryan frowned when he heard this and warned Amy and Miranda that this was an action to encourage line switching, which would not only have negative impact on Miranda’s partners in the current team, but also destroy Miranda’s personal business image and reputation and bring zero benefit to her future business at Nu Skin. Therefore, he suggested her to consider it more carefully... Amy and Miranda felt deeply ashamed after hearing this, while Miranda decided to continue to make efforts in her business in the current team.


Dear partners, if Ryan failed to stop it in time, the unhealthy trend of line switching may spread, resulting in more improper line switch behaviours among different teams, which will not only violate the company's regulations, but may also disrupt the fairness and quality of the business environment! Let us say NO to line switching, jointly maintain the fair and just market environment, and discover the best you!


The relevant articles of Nu Skin Policies and Procedures are extracted as follows:

Chapter 1 Your Brand Affiliate Account

Section 3.3 Starting a Brand Affiliate Account under a New Sponsor

Chapter 4 Sponsoring

Section 2.2 Line Switching


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