What Warrants Your Attention in Social Selling (2019.07.26)

What Warrants Your Attention in Social Selling

July 26, 2019


Hello everyone, in this ever-changing era, the rapid development of technology makes people accustomed to sharing their lives with social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Many business partners also seize the opportunity to make use of the internet to promote NU SKIN products. Although it is convenient to use the Internet, the information used for product promotion by business partners must also be accurate, so as to avoid unnecessary legal risks. As a result, NU SKIN has released guidelines such as Social Media Guidelines and Product Testimonial Guidelines and other guidelines to teach our business partners how to properly promote products. Today we will share a case with you.


Catherine is a business partner who is engaged in NU SKIN business on a full-time basis. In order to quickly promote the quality products of NU SKIN, Catherine did promotions through the social media platform (Facebook). She never realized anything went wrong until she received a letter one day...


Catherine: Alice, help me take a look! I received a letter from the company saying that my posts on Facebook included inappropriate and exaggerated product effects and medical claims. The letter stated that this is against the company’s policies, but the article was reposted from others, and eating R2 has indeed helped people solve insomnia problems...


Alice: How can you release product claims about treating and curing diseases? NU SKIN has policies in place expressly specifying that any exaggerated, untrue or misleading product claims or descriptions or those involving medical effects are not allowed!


Catherine: I thought it would not be a violation as long as what I said is consistent with the fact, not to mention that everyone was reposting that article...


Alice: This is your misunderstanding. We can share or repost our or customers’ experiences and feelings about the products, but product testimonials must not claim that a product will diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. Product testimonials should focus on product benefits, NU SKIN's approved claims and typical results that most consumers would experience. Even if some customers do have relief from the symptoms by taking the product, we cannot claim that the product has medical effects.


Catherine: Will I get penalized by the company because of this?


Alice: It is imperative to remove all violating posts as soon as possible and remind other business partners not to repost the article with violating information, and then report the situation to the Business Conduct Compliance Department.


Catherine: Okay, is there anything else to pay attention to?


Alice: Remember not to use the photos, testimonials and endorsements released by celebrities or any other third parties for promoting NU SKIN products or business without authorization, otherwise you may be faced with legal cases in addition to the company disciplinary actions.


Catherine: Wow! So serious. My career has just started. I must cooperate with the company to remove all pages involving violations.


In order to maintain the positive brand image of NU SKIN, it is necessary to provide a comprehensive, correct and highly transparent product descriptions to consumers. However, any inappropriate or false product claims or advertising and marketing contents are definitely prohibited from being shared or reposted, and NU SKIN would strictly deal with the violations involving the use of the internet. The brand image of NU SKIN needs to be safeguarded by business partners and the company together. Let us make the joint efforts!


You can find NU SKIN Policies and Procedures, Social Media Guidelines, Product Testimonials Guidelines and other relevant guidelines by scanning the QR code below!