Use Correct platform to do Right thing (Sales Channel) (2019.01.11)

Use Correct platform to do Right thing (Sales Channel)

January 11, 2019


  • The online auction platform is not a compliant sales channel authorized by the company. It is violation to sell products through online auction platforms or supply products to the sellers on online auction platforms, including but not limited to Yahoo, Carousell, etc.


  • If there are any suspicious buyers demanding the supply of products by proposing trading conditions to you, please be alert and remind your brand affiliates (distributors) partners to carefully note that pursuit of short-term profits, which is fleeting and will inevitably affect a compliant, steady and sustainable development, is not a good choice. If you receive any suspicious information, please keep the evidence and inform your Executive Partners immediately.


  • All brand affiliates (distributors) and NU SKIN jointly shoulder the responsibility of training our brand affiliate (distributor) team. Therefore, we earnestly need everyone to actively cooperate with the company – let us carry out the cultivation of business ethics that are rooted in each brand affiliate (distributor) team. We believe that remarkable results will be gained after our continuous efforts.


  • It is everyone's responsibility to crack down violating sales on online auction platforms. NU SKIN reiterates that in order to maintain a benign competition, a fair and orderly market environment, it will never change its standpoint and determination to crack down any violating sellers who make sales through unauthorized sales channels.


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