Do Not Touch Auction Sites in Spite of its Convenience (2019.12.04)

Do Not Touch Auction Sites in Spite of its Convenience

December 4, 2019


With the rapid development of Internet nowadays, almost everyone surfs Internet every day, and many people have their own social media accounts. In NU SKIN, opening market through social media platforms is no longer a new topic, but it should be borne in mind that promoting or selling company products through unauthorized channels such as auction sites is still prohibited. Today let us share a real case so that our brand affiliates can learn a lesson and be alerted.


Fanny is a full-time brand affiliate. Since she recently started her NU SKIN business, she was actively selling products through an auction site, hoping to increase the exposure of products through the auction site while attracting more partners with entrepreneur ideal at the same time, so that her performance can soar. She never realized anything wrong until one day when she received a reminder from her partner Tom…


Fanny: Tom, I received a 10-day letter from the company saying that I violated the company policies by selling products through the auction website! But isn’t social media allowed to be used for sales? Isn’t auction site an allowable social media platform?


Tom: Of course not! Auction sites are unauthorized sales channels, selling products through which will be considered a policy violation.


Fanny: But I simply wanted to increase the exposure through the auction platform. Isn’t that okay?


Tom: No. Although the company has already allowed the use of online platforms like Facebook and Instagram for sharing your experiences with NU SKIN products, auction site is not a social media platform authorized by the company. That’s why it is a sales channel clearly prohibited!


Fanny: Will I be penalized as I have posted a bunch of products on the auction site like this?


Tom: It is imperative to remove all the products you posted on the auction site as soon as possible. Involvement in such violations as online auctions may result in the company’s disciplinary actions up to termination of brand affiliate account in case of severe circumstances.


Fanny: It's so serious! My business has just begun, I must remove all products right now and respond to the Business Conduct Compliance Department so as to avoid unwise losses…Fortunately I meet you today. Thank you!


Tom: You are welcome. We should help each other as partners.


In order to maintain a benign competition and NU SKIN’s positive brand image, NU SKIN has been committed to monitoring and preventing all sales activities through unauthorized sales channels. Strict disciplinary actions will be taken against the substantiated violations. In the future, we will strictly uphold the consistent position and continue to protect the fairness of the market. Let us make joint efforts!


The relevant sections of NU SKIN Policies and Procedures are extracted as follows:

Chapter 2: Operating Your Business

Section 5.1 Retail Sales

Section 5.2 No Wholesaling of Products

Chapter 3: Advertising

Section 7.1 Use of the Internet in Brand Affiliate Business

Section 7.6 Internet Activities


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