Promote in compliance, discover the better (product promotion) (2019.02.01)

Promote in compliance, discover the better (product promotion)

February 1, 2019


  • Brand affiliates (distributors) who introduce product marketing information or product claims should present their products in accordance with the statements or description contained in NU SKIN’s official website, official business support materials, publications, and other NU SKIN approved business publicity publications.


  • Each brand affiliate (distributor) is a brand spokesperson for NU SKIN. Brand affiliates (distributors) can share their feelings or their customer’s experience and feelings with the products, but product testimonials should not claim that a product will diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition – even if true. Therefore, please do not involve any product claims or description that are exaggerated, misleading, or involve any medical effects.


  • When brand affiliates (distributors) share products, it is prohibited to declare or imply that NU SKIN products have been registered by relevant government departments (such as the US FDA). Unless you determine that certain products have been registered with the relevant government departments in Hong Kong and Macao markets, you will be at risk of taking legal responsibility for the product claims.


  • Before and after photos are powerful tools that show the positive impact NU SKIN products can have for the typical consumer. However, the photos must be supported only by the legally approved products claims and your photo must be original, and not retouched or modified.  Further, the lighting, clothing, background, makeup, clarity and resolution, body position, pose, angle of face and facial expression in the before and after photos must be consistent.


  • Obtain copyright permission before using any photos, video or name that are not your own and do not use celebrities, any third-party photos, names or other company trademarks without permission.


  • Please avoid using words, pictures or videos that may be outrageous or likely to violate social goodwill.


The brand image of NU SKIN needs joint maintenance. Any inappropriate product claims and advertising marketing content should never be shared or reproduced. Please scan the following QR code to find NU SKIN Policies and Procedures and Product Testimonial Guidelines!