Helping Others is the Cornerstone of Career Success (2019.11.12)

Helping Others is the Cornerstone of Career Success

November 12, 2019


As the old saying goes, “It is true goodness to help people in distress”. Therefore, it is our traditional virtue to be generous and lend a helping hand to others. Compared with those who only pursue personal success, making every possible effort to help those in need can make NU SKIN business more meaningful. NU SKIN Nourish The Children® (NTC) Initiative aims at encouraging NU SKIN brand affiliates to respond to the initiative to help the starving children while focusing on the overall NU SKIN business. However, brand affiliates must pay attention to the following issues when promoting NTC Initiative, so as to avoid inappropriate promotion content misleading non-brand affiliates:


  • We invite you to focus on overall business of NU SKIN. NTC Initiative is part of the overall business of NU SKIN, which should not never be presented as a stand-alone business opportunity or described as a charity that collects donations. This initiative only facilitates the donation of purchased products to charities for the benefit of children in need.
  • NTC Initiative is a for-profit venture, so brand affiliates should not directly or indirectly portray it as a charity.
  • Partners must not solicit or accept cash or other donations for NTC Initiative; for customers who are willing to help, we should encourage them to purchase VitaMeal® which may then be donated through NTC Initiative.
  • If Nu Skin's family of brand affiliates and customers participate in NTC Initiative to purchase and donate VitaMeal®, please be reminded that the Initiative is only for donating products to charities and does not use brand affiliate or company funds to cover charity overhead.


In order to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of NU SKIN business, and to maintain the overall image and reputation of the company, the above must be clearly understood and strictly followed before promoting NTC Initiative. Let us make joint efforts to fight for business and do good things at the same time!


For the Guidelines For Brand Affiliates Promoting The Nourish The Children® Initiative, please scan the QR Code below.