Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries


1. Where can I find information about your current promotions?

For the latest updates on promotions, please visit our website at or check out our Facebook page.


2. What happens if I don't override my Default ARO Order this month?


In the case of a Default Order, pre-selected items will be automatically delivered to you on a monthly basis if you didn’t place an order from the 1st to 25th of the month.


3. How can I terminate my ARO contract?

To terminate your ARO contract, you can either submit the termination form in person at our Experience Centres or send it via email to

4. Where can I find and download Nu Skin administrative forms such as LOI, ARO Termination Form, and Pre-Return Form online?

You can access and download these forms here from our official website.


5. Does Nu Skin charge any membership fee? 

No, the membership is free.


6. Where can I view and update my contact information?

Simply log in to your online web account and navigate to the "Profile" section. There, you can view and update details like your email address, contact number, home address, and communication preferences.