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Michael Anderson

Nu Skin Pacific Founding Executives | Michael Anderson

Taking it back to the year Nu Skin Pacific opened, there were only 16 individuals who achieved Executive status in 1993. We have called them our “Founding Executives”. Michael Anderson is one of the 16, and shares a few of his insights into the Nu Skin Pacific world of 1993.

Jodie Campbell

My Nu Skin Story | Jodie

2017 marks the 25th Year of transforming lives in the Pacific – and Jodie’s is just one story of many. Click here to learn how Nu Skin transformed her life. 

The Benefits of Mindfulness in Business

 The Benefits of Mindfulness and Positivity in Business

Positive Thinking – it’s become a go-to phrase for increasing your self-development, success, and livelihood. But what does it actually mean, and what are the benefits of having a more positive thought process in the day-to-day?



Young Entrepreneurs

6 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Being a young entrepreneur in today's market takes courage and perserverance, which doesn't always come easily.

NuGen Leaders

How to use Nu Skin Events to build your business

February 2014 was the month Ashleigh and I got invited along to an event held by the leaders in Nu Skin. We didn't know much about Nu Skin at the time but trusted the person who brought us along and most importantly, we went with an open mind.

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Meet the NuGen Leaders

Meet our top young entrepreneurs in the Pacific, The NuGen Leaders! As a part of our Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, these ladies have been chosen to represent the Young Entrepreneurs in the Pacific. Click here to see their story.



Hayley Laurenson

My Nu Skin Story | Hayley

2017 marks the 25th Year of transforming lives in the Pacific – and Hayley’s is just one story of many. Click here to learn how Nu Skin transformed her life. 

Be more productive

3 Simple Steps to Be More Productive

In a world where distractions increasingly creep into our lives, it has become more difficult to be productive and focus on the task or tasks at hand.

Power of purpose

Power in Perseverance

The ability to push through times of difficulty and progress towards your goals is a commonly sought after trait.

5 Daily Steps for Greater Hapiness and Increased Success

5 Daily Steps for Greater Happiness and Increased Success

Happiness is a choice you can actively make! Learn how choosing to be happy can lead to success.


Hashtag What?

Hashtags are a great way to connect with others who have similar interests or are talking about similar topics.


The Importance of Goal Setting

Malo e lelei! I'm Tui and I'm excited to share my tips on goal setting. I believe that goal setting is so powerful. As a young entrepreneur, I want to live the lifestyle I know I deserve while I'm young. I want to own my first home before 30, travel the world and be debt free!