The Benefits of Mindfulness and Positivity in Business

The Benefits of Mindfulness and Positivity in Business


Positive Thinking – it’s become a go-to phrase for increasing your self-development, success, and livelihood. But what does it actually mean, and what are the benefits of having a more positive thought process in the day-to-day?


Believe it or not, science tells us that it is far easier for us to jump to negative conclusions than positive ones. It’s called the negativity bias, and it shows us that the brain reacts and remembers negative situations far more than the positive ones.


It makes sense, then, that one tiny negative thing that happens in your day (like spilling a cup of coffee) can ruin your mood. And when your mood is ruined, your productivity, creativity, and strategic thinking are reduced.


Here’s the good news – you can change the way you think!


Make Mindfulness a Habit


In the same way that learning to drive eventually turns into an automatic response, the brain picks up on habitual thinking and turns it into a pattern of emotions and behaviours.


Simply put, mindfulness means taking time out of your busy day to quiet your mind. The most common form of practicing mindfulness is meditation, and the benefits of even 10 minutes a day are scientifically proven to help re-wire your way of thinking.