My Nu Skin Story | Jodie

Jodie Campbell

In my initial career I owned a construction business, but when the business was about to fold my friend told me about Nu Skin. I was introduced to the products and immediately became hooked. I could see that they actually worked, and for me personally Pharmanex products helped improve my health in a way that stunned my friends and family.


My construction business continued to falter, and I was soon facing the fact that I would lose my house. That day I bought a business in a box. The thing I loved most about my construction business was seeing the happiness it brought to other people, and how it led to these amazing individuals creating a second income through rental properties. I could see that Nu Skin had that same potential.

I love being surrounded by the values Nu Skin represents, and seeing how well they take care of their people. It means I can live my life on my own terms and with my own goals, while seeing my team members grow in the same way. 



25 Years

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