My Nu Skin Story | Jonathan

Jonathan Nichols

I was immediately attracted to the business because of the minimal risk unlike property developing and the scalable access to global markets. After a few weeks of due diligence, I jumped in full steam. I remember a phone call with my upline Blue Diamond, Cameron Algie, where I said I am going to commit 100% and his response was - I will match your energy. Today, we form a great team, we have travelled to many countries, have undertaken hundreds of skype and conference calls, and we talk daily. My business has now expanded into 7 countries!


My advice to someone starting today is simple - commit and take massive action and do whatever you have to do. No excuses. The Nu Skin opportunity is enormous and gets better every day – half the world has yet to even hear of Nu Skin. Success can become part of normal life if your Why is BIG enough.


A special thank you to all my fantastic leaders around the globe – you are all amazing people who I learn from every day. To my account manager Alice Yap, you rock and thank you for your constant support. Finally to my upline, friend and business partner Cameron Algie – thanks for everything as you know we are only getting started.


25 Years

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