Creating Smiles

Creating Smiles


More Education for More Children

Because of the Nu Hope Library Project, 10-year-old SooYeon from Korea has hope that her future dreams will become a reality. 

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Helping Emma Dream Big

Emma is 8 years old and lives in El Salvador. She receives VitaMeal during school, which has changed her life for the better. Not only does VitaMeal fill her stomach, but it alleviates some of the financial stress on her family.


Meet the Zimba Family 

The SAFI program helped improve the well-being of the Zimba family. They now have their own agricultural business and help others throughout their community.

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The Nu Skin Family Visits Malawi 2017

Next month, a group of Nu Skin sales leaders from around the globe will spend a week in Malawi. In addition, a group of Nu Skin employees will also join with our family of sales leaders and executives for the first time in Nu Skin’s history


Little Girl

A Heart Full of Gratitude

Zhou, Yu-Jie was born with a heart defect, and because of your help and the Greater China Children's Heart Fund (GCCHF), she was able to get the surgery she needed to continue her life.

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A Brighter Christmas

Nearly 700 children from children’s nursing homes in the Tohoku region of Japan received Christmas gifts in 2016 thanks to a group of 30 volunteers. Visit to read their story.