Helping Families Around The World



Ella May lives in a house made of bamboo and other materials easily found in the area. Ella’s parents make less than 250 pesos ($15) a day, and though most of their hard earned money is spent on food and their children’s education, the amount they earn is not enough for the family of eight.


Not all the children were able to eat each day and Ella, being the oldest, would often skip more meals so that her siblings could eat. Ella began to lose weight and fall behind in her class because she wasn’t getting enough food. Thankfully, Ella May and her siblings were recently enrolled in a feeding program at her school where they serve VitaMeal. After eating VitaMeal for several weeks she started to look healthier and participate in class more.


She is one of the prime examples of how proper, regular nutrition from food like VitaMeal can make a huge difference in the lives of the children. Since enrolling in the program, Ella May has become a lot healthier, happier and optimistic about the future. Her dream is to become a fashion designer and make beautiful dresses and provide enough for her family.


With your continued support, her dream might just become a reality. Ella May is thankful for the generous donations that help her and her siblings.