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13 Travel Savvy Tips

Whether you are taking a 10 hour road trip or flying to another country be prepared with these travel tips! Check out number 6 and 13, they are our favorites.

Staying Active During Winter

Baby it's cold outside, but that's no reason to let your physical fitness freeze over. Check out these tips to keep your winter workout routine strong!

Enhancing Gut Health with Probiotic Supplements

Using digestive probiotics to enhance gastrointestinal function is a great way to improve your gut health. Learn how probiotics work and what they do for you here.

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Nu Skin's 6S Quality Process: Part 2

Throughout our company history, we believe our focus on scientific innovation has made Nu Skin a leader in the nutritional and personal care industries. Our 6S Quality Process helps us address the many variables that can affect the safety and efficacy of personal care and nutritional products.

Are Social Norms Affecting Your Skin?

Have you ever wondered if your behavior is influenced by social norms, or in other words, by your perception of what is socially acceptable behavior? There is a growing area of research demonstrating that social norms messaging can influence behavior.

Nu Skin's 6S Quality Process: Part 1

One of the key differentiators that sets Pharmanex apart from the competition is Nu Skin’s 6S Quality Process. First created in 1996, the 6S Quality Process embodies the set of standards that Nu Skin applies to our development and manufacturing processes to ensure our products are of the highest quality.