Greater China Children's Heart Fund: Two Names, One Purpose

Meet Ru Xin: Ru Xin and her family

In the Chinese culture Nu Skin has the name of Ru Xin. Ru Xin is also the name of a little girl in China. It seems destined that her fate would be tied with Nu Skin. Ru Xin was diagnosed with neonate pneumonia right after birth. After a long-lasting futile treatment, she was transferred to the Municipal Hospital where she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. Unfortunately, the Municipal Hospital was not capable of handling her condition. With a second hospital transfer she was sent to West China Second University Hospital for further treatment.


The diagnosis from the doctor was more heartbreaking than the first. Ru Xin, at three months old, was suffering from a series of complex and serious diseases including: tetralogy of fallot, ventricle bi-directional shunt, patent ductus arteriosus, great vessel left to right shunt, patent foramen ovale, and atrial left to right shunt. Three major operations would need to be performed for her to have a full recovery. Her parents needed RMB of 100,000 for just the first operation, they couldn’t imagine how they were going to afford all three operations for this heart-saving journey. 


In June of 2017, Nu Skin Greater China Children Heart Fund (GCCHF) launched its charity program in Sichuan Province at West China University Hospital who happens to be partners with West China Second University Hospital. After learning about the story of Ru Xin, GCCHF immediately reached out a helping hand. The first operation for Ru Xin on July 11th, 2017 was very successful.


Though there is still a long way to go, the generous help from GCCHF has given her parents hope for their daughter’s future. They believe that Ru Xin will finally pull through and have the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life. GCCHF will follow up on Ru Xin’s recovery and is excited to continue helping this little angel. Ru Xin now has a greater connection with Nu Skin far beyond having the same name, she will have the opportunity to create a name for herself.