How to use Nu Skin Events to build your business

How to use Nu Skin Events to build your business

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February 2014 was the month Ashleigh and I got invited along to an event held by the leaders in Nu Skin. We didn't know much about Nu Skin at the time but trusted the person who brought us along and most importantly, we went with an open mind. We sat in a room full of people who all looked stunning and listened to everyday people who shared their journey of how Nu Skin has changed their life. One thing that we took away from the event was "What are you doing now, that is going to get you to where you want to be in the future".


We knew what we were currently doing had its limitations. We resonated with those successful leaders on the stage and decided to change our life - so it was really an event that began our Nu Skin journey.


Attending these events are so important as it shows the many different sides to the business. It enables people to meet like-minded individuals and hear life-changing stories, plus increases understanding the business opportunity in further detail.


It also gives you a glimpse of the fantastic culture of Nu Skin, the fun you can have in the business and the friendships you can foster throughout the journey.


Events such as Expo or Showcases allow you to share information about products even further. You can tell people that the products are amazing but when they try the products on their skin they can feel the difference for themselves. We demonstrate the difference by sharing the products in person, which enforces the truth in what we say about Nu Skin’s innovative products.


You can also use these events to meet the company that is behind the scenes! It is truly amazing the support network within the organisation. You get to learn so much about so many different aspects of the company. From testing products, to listening to seminars, and even getting your face and body scanned to see where your overall health sits, Expos have so much to offer.


These events are an opportunity that you should take advantage of - in order to build your business, gain higher understanding of the products, and bring new people to see the difference for themselves.


Whether it’s an Expo, Leadership Summit, Entrepreneur Night, Product Training Seminar or Distributor-run event, all of them have value.


Written by our 2017 NuGen Leaders, Kristy and Ashleigh.


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