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Sustainability has become an important focus for businesses around the world. There has been an increased push from consumers for products and services that cause minimal effects to the environment. At Nu Skin, we are guided by our mission to be a Force for Good in the world. Recently, we increased our efforts on sustainability and by doing so, we are taking our mission to a higher level. Our sustainability efforts rest firmly on three main pillars; product, people and planet.




Every contribution counts, make a difference today!

Since 1984 Nu Skin has been working hard to help children around the world and improve generations to come. At Nu Skin our mission always underpins everything we do..




Celebrating 6 Years, with Hope of a Brighter Future

When Wei Chen was 6 months old, he was diagnosed with pulmonary atresia. By the time he was 2, Wei had gone through two surgeries to help with his condition and his parents went deep into debt with family and friends in order to pay for the surgeries.




A Life Saving Surgery for Faith

When they received the bad news, Arrianne and Ryan Cañete didn’t know how they were going to save their daughter. Faith was diagnosed with the congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot. She had trouble breathing and the lowered amounts of oxygen in her blood would cause her to pass out.




Nu Skin Celebrates 500 Million Meals

Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children Initiative recently surpassed 500 million meals provided to malnourished children in need. Since its inception, Nourish the Children has been supported by a steady stream of VitaMeal that has been purchased and donated by generous Nu Skin sales leaders, customers and employees around the world.




Nu Skin’s 20 Years of Giving in Sri Lanka Celebrations

Twenty years ago, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation partnered with the non-profit organisation, Seacology to improve the lives of children and their families in island communities, and at the same time, help protect fragile island environments. Today, Seacology has completed more than 250 projects in 55 countries and has helped to protect more than a million acres of some of the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems.




Nu Skin Visits Malawi 2016

Last month, a group of Nu Skin sales leaders from around the globe joined with executives to spend a week in Malawi. There they were able to see the effects of Nu Skin’s efforts, made through the Force for Good Foundation and the Nourish the Children initiative, to bolster the country and its people.




Being a Force for Good with Epoch Products

In 1993, Nu Skin co-founder, Blake Roney, used the phrase “force for good” when sharing the vision of how Nu Skin would be known around the world. In conjunction with Nu Skin’s Epoch product line, we introduced our force for good campaign in 1996.




Nu Skin is a Force For Good in 2016

Nu Skin values being a Force For Good throughout the world and has created many global initiatives to help children as well as underprivileged communities. 2016 saw significant milestones in an effort to help nourish and uplift children who may not have the same opportunities as the top 1%.




Smiles Report 2017

Seven-month-old Zichao is one adorable baby whose congenital heart disease was treated free of charge thanks to Nu Skin Greater China Children’s Heart Fund. He was the very first child to receive heart surgery in the Hebei Province, and his family could not be happier to see his successful recovery.




The Nu Skin Family Visits Malawi 2017

In June, a group of Nu Skin sales leaders from around the globe spent a week in Malawi. In addition, a group of employees joined with our family of sales leaders and executives for the first time in Nu Skin’s history! There they were able to see the results of Nu Skin's efforts, through the Force for Good Foundation and the Nourish the Children initiative, to bolster the country and its people.