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Nu Skin’s most advanced anti-aging dietary supplement, ageLOC Youth, delivers unique benefits regardless of diet, age, or lifestyle. ageLOC Youth’s powerful nutritional and phytonutrient blend was carefully formulated to support the years you can enjoy life being more active, energetic, and healthy. Read on for some of our most commonly asked questions about ageLOC Youth and their answers.


How does ageLOC Youth work?

ageLOC Youth bolsters the natural defenses that your body’s cells are equipped with. These defenses—referred to as aging defense mechanisms—work together to protect against the negative effects of aging aggressors. We are constantly exposed to these aging aggressors, which include things such as environmental pollutants, sun exposure, stress, and poor diet.


By targeting the gene expression controlling these aging defense mechanisms, ageLOC Youth provides health benefits for your entire body.


What makes the blend of ingredients in ageLOC Youth so unique?

To select ingredients for ageLOC Youth, Nu Skin’s scientists relied on their exclusive gene expression insights into healthy aging. Additionally, ageLOC Youth provides a unique blend of ingredients that are not readily available even in a healthy diet, making it an ideal supplement for everyone.


Nu Skin’s ingredient screening process led to the selection of several natural ingredients, many of which are not common in foods consumed on a regular basis. Challenges to obtaining these ingredients from even the healthiest of diets include:


1) Geography: Many ingredients, like vitamin K2 and purple corn, are only found in foods consumed in distinct parts of the world.


2) Personal and Cultural Preferences: Even when ingredients, like anchovies or citrus peels, are available, many prefer not to eat them.


3) Consistent Levels: Obtaining the same level of each ingredient in ageLOC Youth consistently every day for optimal benefits is difficult, if not impossible.


Unique ingredients of ageLOC Youth



Can I take ageLOC Youth with other products like LifePak and ageLOC R2?

Yes, the benefits provided by LifePak and ageLOC R2 are complementary to ageLOC Youth.


ageLOC Youth was formulated to deliver a comprehensive foundation of whole-body youth preservation benefits, while ageLOC R2 was designed for targeted needs. While ageLOC Youth does support these areas, if you have specific concerns about cellular energy, purification, or detoxification, consider adding ageLOC R2 as a targeted booster to ageLOC Youth.


Our LifePak products are formulated to provide the benefits that come from filling nutritional gaps lacking in essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. This makes our LifePak family of products a perfect complement to ageLOC Youth if your daily diet isn’t what it should be!


If someone has a medical condition, can they use ageLOC Youth?

Nu Skin takes the safety of our products very seriously. ageLOC Youth has been thoroughly reviewed and tested to ensure it is safe for adults of all ages. However, as with all dietary supplements, concurrent use of ageLOC Youth with medical conditions or prescription drugs has not been assessed nor is ageLOC Youth intended to treat any medical condition. While a medical condition may not prevent someone from benefiting as a result of taking ageLOC Youth, there are many factors of each specific condition that should be reviewed by a medical professional familiar with a patient’s condition and history to determine if ageLOC Youth is appropriate for them.


What scientific substantiation does ageLOC Youth have?

Nu Skin’s anti-aging scientific approach is unlike any other in the world and is backed by more than 30 years of gene expression and nutrition science research. ageLOC Youth is substantiated by scientific literature documenting the ingredients’ health benefits in combination with our exclusive gene expression insights into healthy aging. These insights provide a deeper understanding into gene expression and the way these ingredients positively influences gene expression. Additionally, Nu Skin has performed several clinical studies on the benefits delivered by ageLOC Youth’s unique ingredient blend.




What can I expect to feel when I take ageLOC Youth?

The feedback we receive from individuals taking ageLOC Youth is incredible, yet since we are each so unique, each individual experiences ageLOC Youth differently. Some may feel benefits within the first few days, others will feel a difference after the first couple of weeks, while some may not feel anything. It is important to keep in mind that not feeling anything does not mean ageLOC Youth is not working—because not all benefits can be felt.


ageLOC Youth is targeting gene expression to promote aging defense mechanisms throughout your body even if you do not feel anything. For example, although you do not directly feel your DNA repair enzymes at work, it is critically important that they are working optimally. DNA protection and repair is just one of the many mechanisms supported by ageLOC Youth. To learn more about ageLOC Youth, visit


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