Substantiating the Absorption of ageLOC Youth’s Ingredients Through Scientific Study

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Nu Skin’s most advanced anti-aging supplement in three decades of formulations is launching around the world and it’s time to take notice! ageLOC Youth is a cutting edge supplement developed from five years of research and backed by an experienced team of in-house scientists, and which leverages a database of millions of gene expression data points accumulated over the span of a decade. ageLOC Youth is designed to help you enjoy life being more active, energetic, and healthy.


Many people hear about supplements and think “oh yeah, like vitamins and minerals”. Although there’s no denying that our fast-paced lifestyles make it difficult to eat the right combinations of foods that would deliver all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, in actuality ageLOC Youth is a different category of dietary supplement that goes beyond filling nutritional gaps. ageLOC Youth was developed based on gene expression insights, as well as up to date scientific literature investigating healthy aging. So whatever your diet, age or lifestyle, ageLOC Youth can deliver benefits for your unique needs.


DNA, Gene Expression and ADMs

We’ve all heard of DNA— the genetic material that provides a blueprint for the physical makeup of living organisms, including organisms like you. Although we cannot change the genes we inherit from our parents, certain factors influence how our genes communicate with our cells. This influence is known as “gene expression”. Geneticists are beginning to understand how the environment, diet, lifestyle, and natural ingredients impact gene expression to influence characteristics such as how we age. Fortunately, Nu Skin scientists are at the forefront of adapting this understanding for the creation of ageLOC Youth, our most advanced dietary supplement.


The human body is designed to live young. It is equipped with natural defenses to fight the effects of aging. We refer to these natural defenses as “aging defense mechanisms” or “ADMs”. Over time, factors around us and even inside us can weaken these defenses, leaving us vulnerable to accelerated aging. ageLOC Youth’s unique ingredient blend gives the body what it needs to support healthy gene expression related to ADMs, to promote youthspan— the years you can enjoy life being more active, energetic, and healthy.


Understanding the Kinetics of ageLOC Youth’s Ingredients

When nutritionists consider the dosing of vitamins and minerals, one of their key areas of focus is the rate at which nutrients are used up (i.e. metabolized) and need to be replenished. In a similar way, Nu Skin scientists wanted an understanding of the kinetics (i.e. the absorption, metabolism, and clearance) of ageLOC Youth’s ingredients. Because the gene expression effects of ageLOC Youth’s ingredients require first, that the ingredients are delivered through the bloodstream to tissues and cells, Nu Skin scientists wanted to better understand how long ageLOC Youth’s polyphenol components remain in the body. Polyphenols are a class of water soluble plant, or fruit extracts, which tend to pass through the body faster than many of ageLOC Youth’s other nutrients.


ageLOC Youth’s polyphenols include:

• Anthocyanins (from purple corn extract)

• Resveratrol (dietary sources include red wine)

• Hesperidin, and naringin (from citrus peels)

• Quercetin (rich dietary sources include onions)


An understanding of the absorption and clearance rates of these most-rapidly-metabolized compounds would enable Nu Skin scientists to better assess the exposure of organs, tissues, and cells.


A Study to Validate Taking ageLOC Youth Twice Per Day

Nu Skin scientists designed a study comprised of 6 men and 6 women to monitor the absorption, metabolism and clearance of ageLOC Youth’s polyphenols. After each participant took ageLOC Youth, scientists collected blood, urine, and saliva samples to track the absorption and clearance of polyphenols and their metabolites at different times over the course of 24 hours. Each subject repeated the experiment three times, with a different dose of ageLOC Youth at each repetition, and with a “washout period” of at least one week between each repetition. The collected data established the absorption and metabolism rate of each polyphenol, with some reaching their peak concentration as early as 2 hours, and others taking up to 8 hours to reach their peak. By the close of the 24-hour time period, all polyphenols and their metabolites returned to pre-ingestion levels. This data confirms that ageLOC Youth’s polyphenols are being absorbed into the bloodstream, and confirms the importance of taking ageLOC Youth twice a day (preferably in the morning and evening) to maintain consistent circulating levels in the bloodstream. This study is one more example of Nu Skin’s commitment to making sure you get the right dose, every time.


ageLOC Youth scientific study results


Prior to this new study, only limited data could be found in scientific literature regarding the kinetics of polyphenols. Our Nu Skin scientists presented these findings at the 2016 annual Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego, California, a symposium of over 14,000 scientists. Their research was among the few selected to be displayed at the prestigious poster session hosted by the American Society for Nutrition.


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Written by:

Glenn Cheney

Technical Communication & Education Manager